Adding the ignore file
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2010-01-03 epageBump to 1.0.10-3; more stuff to try and work around...
2009-12-29 epageattempting to work around the fremantle 70pixel theme...
2009-12-12 epageAdding some app menu buttons
2009-11-18 epageAdding keyboard shortcuts to webpage and updating hildonize
2009-11-18 epageMinor tweaks
2009-10-13 epageFixing an issue with get_value and changing the priorit...
2009-10-10 epageAdded a button the null touch selector entry
2009-10-10 epageGiving access to all of a contacts numbers from recent...
2009-10-09 epageConsolidating some dialogs
2009-10-06 epagePutting in a lot of fixes for fremantle
2009-10-06 epageFixing an issue with Fremantle vs Mer and prepping...
2009-10-01 epagePrepping for some fixes and removing dead code
2009-09-25 epageNoticed 2 bugs, fixed one
2009-09-25 epageFixing some bugs related to callback
2009-09-25 epageMore touch selector fun (Callback number)
2009-09-25 epageAdding a touch selector entry
2009-09-24 epageFixing of several diablo bugs
2009-09-24 epageFixing and documenting various bugs
2009-09-24 epageBug fixes and adding of user notifications
2009-09-23 epageSwitching to a touch selector for the addressbook selector
2009-09-22 epageMaking the null touch selector more like fremantles
2009-09-22 epageCode to make it easier to experiment
2009-09-22 epageFor notification time, switching from number editor...
2009-09-22 epageMinor tweaks in prep for more fremantle work
2009-09-20 epageLots of fremantle works
2009-09-19 epageSwitching to Look-Before-You-Leap idiom while also...
2009-09-16 epageMostly improvements to packaging
2009-09-14 epageHardonizing against bad bindings
2009-08-29 epageFinishing up the hildonization of the number editor
2009-08-29 epageFixing a hildonization bug
2009-08-26 epageRefactored out hildonization in hopes this will clean...