Adding the ignore file
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2010-01-03 epageAdding filtering of history
2009-12-29 epageChanging recent to history
2009-10-21 epageMessage type selection stuff
2009-09-25 epageMore touch selector fun (Callback number)
2009-09-23 epageSwitching to a touch selector for the addressbook selector
2009-09-14 epageVersion bump and fixing of several bugs
2009-08-29 epageFinishing up the hildonization of the number editor
2009-08-20 epageDisabling sms button when logged off
2009-08-18 epageVarious bug fixes
2009-08-16 epageAdding turning off the led on initial tab load
2009-08-15 epageMost of the way there on notification support; can...
2009-05-23 epageThe start of a settings file and removed the timeouts...
2009-05-18 epage* Starting a messages view
2009-05-18 epage* Changed the file headers to doc strings
2009-03-26 epageMerge gv_support changes r243:251 into the trunk
2009-03-05 epageFleshed out online/offline modes
2009-03-05 epage* Switched the gc_views to support enable/disable in...