Backend support for partial history update
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2011-04-19 Ed PageBackend support for partial history update
2011-04-19 Ed PageSetting up a proper account refresh
2011-04-19 Ed PageNotifying the user on dnd
2011-04-19 Ed PageMaking it possible to trace where a user error came...
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding voicemail support to the session and making...
2011-04-19 Ed PageExposing to the user the ability to do partial refreshes
2011-04-19 Ed PageMaking it possible to do partial message refreshes
2011-04-19 Ed PageSwitching from contact oriented to account oriented
2011-04-19 Ed PageTunneling account data out to the session to allow...
2011-04-13 Ed PageAdding in application alarm support
2011-04-13 Ed PageSwitching from sound to an alert
2011-04-13 Ed Page'Play' sound on new messages
2011-04-02 Ed PageCouldn't update the message in the SMS window, fixed
2011-03-31 Ed PageImproving error handling
2011-03-31 Ed PageFixing some errors seen when account is cleared
2011-03-31 Ed PageTrying to be a bit more informative when reporting...
2011-03-31 Ed PageEmitting state emissions in a simailar place
2011-03-31 Ed PageEmitting logged out
2011-03-31 Ed PageFixing a bug where the UI was not updated on logout
2011-02-03 Ed PageFixing various bugs with clearing account info
2011-01-25 Ed PageAnother attempt at removing the visual glitches
2011-01-19 Ed PageUndoing removal of caching
2011-01-18 Ed PageBump to 1.2.19
2011-01-08 Ed PagePrioritizing Error messages over Busy Indicators
2011-01-08 Ed PageFixing some race conditions where the user could get...
2010-12-25 Ed PageRemoving a fast threaded calls notification to not...
2010-12-19 Ed PageFixing a bug when login fails and not because of a...
2010-12-19 Ed PageMaking errors more informative
2010-12-18 Ed PageForcing callback number to be set on login
2010-12-14 Ed PagePopup the account dialog when no callback number is...
2010-12-13 Ed PageProperly recover from a failed login
2010-12-13 Ed PageProviding messages with asserts so if they are hit...
2010-12-13 Ed PageFixing a call-out bug
2010-12-08 Ed PageAdding progress notification
2010-12-06 Ed PageFixing non-cannonical numbers
2010-12-03 Ed PageFixing a cacing bug due to my drop in version number
2010-12-01 Ed PageAdding a todo about csv
2010-11-25 Ed PageAlready fixed these bugs
2010-11-25 Ed PageFixing an issue with setting the callback
2010-11-24 Ed PageHack to allow re-opening of the draft
2010-11-23 Ed PageTrack when an update occurred
2010-11-03 Ed PageAdding letter headers to contacts and updating todos
2010-10-23 Ed PageResults of testing on Maemo 5
2010-10-23 Ed PageActually implementing send and call
2010-10-16 Ed PageAdding account dialog and some startup optimizations
2010-10-06 Ed PageImplementing caches for a session
2010-10-06 Ed PageSetting up the chain for the ui to tell the session...
2010-10-04 Ed PageAdding in support for listing out each recipient, delet...
2010-10-04 Ed PagePopulating of a single target's phone number in SMS...
2010-09-18 Ed PageRemoving contact caching from backend, moving it to...
2010-09-11 Ed PageFixed issues with the credentials dialog
2010-09-11 Ed PageStarting on threading work
2010-09-10 Ed PageStarting session integration
2010-09-10 Ed PageFirst crack at a session model