Updating from skeleton
[gc-dialer] / src / util / qtpie.py
2011-07-07 Ed PageUpdating from skeleton
2011-04-20 Ed PageAttempting to fix the back button's pie menu
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding support for PySide's naming scheme
2011-01-12 Ed PagePulling in pie menu improvements from ejpi
2011-01-11 Ed PageFixing an orientation bug
2010-12-13 Ed PageProviding messages with asserts so if they are hit...
2010-10-23 Ed PageClean up and adding the possibility of slices on buttons
2010-09-18 Ed PageRemoving contact caching from backend, moving it to...
2010-09-11 Ed PageFixed issues with the credentials dialog
2010-08-25 Ed PageSMS Entry, Dialpad, and skeleton for History, Messages...