Autogenerating todos
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2009-03-26 epageMerge gv_support changes r243:251 into the trunk
2009-03-21 epageFixing the section
2009-03-20 epageMinor wording things
2009-03-20 epageSwitching to a more automatic route for things
2009-03-19 epageIncluding comments in changes about build change
2009-03-19 epageExperimenting with having the package include the pyc...
2009-03-13 epage* Made the file backend more generic by trying to find...
2009-03-06 epageUpdating versions and webpage
2009-03-06 epageUpdating package lists
2009-03-05 epageMake fix and decided to bump the version higher due...
2009-03-05 epageFleshed out online/offline modes
2009-02-19 epageFilesystem backed contacts and minor cleanups
2009-02-18 epageSome build updates and moving some code out of
2009-02-17 epageUpdating package info
2009-02-07 epageUpdating versions in prep for next release
2009-02-07 epageFixing the version number, didn't see the build field
2009-02-04 epageReplaced the author name with mine since no one else...
2009-01-31 epageRearranging things a bit