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2010-02-14 Ed PageBumping to 1.1.0 early
2010-02-14 Ed PageRemoving chinook
2010-01-09 epageFixing up the keysyms
2010-01-05 epageFixing notifiers, improving sound notifiers, and bumpin...
2010-01-03 epageAdding filtering of history
2010-01-03 epageAdded last commit to changelog
2010-01-03 epageBump to 1.0.10-2; and now that I am in Extras, adding...
2009-12-29 epageSpeeding up contacts and bringing in line the The One...
2009-12-29 epageFixing an issue where the wrong message was displayed...
2009-12-29 epageChanging recent to history
2009-12-15 epageFixing upload
2009-12-15 epageUpdating changelist
2009-12-12 epageAdding support for building .deb
2009-12-08 epageLogging sms/dial; logging device info; added Ctrl+r...
2009-12-01 epage1.0.8-6 Fixing a bug preventing christexaport from...
2009-11-18 epageRemoving upgrade description
2009-11-18 epageMinor tweaks
2009-11-12 epageEnable copying of the log
2009-11-12 epageSpeeding up contact filtering and cleaning up the conta...
2009-10-24 epageversion bump
2009-10-24 epageFixing the switching to accounts tab when no callback...
2009-10-22 epageNotification Support has been tested to a limited degre...
2009-10-21 epageUpdating py2deb, see
2009-10-21 epageMessage type selection stuff
2009-10-20 epageCutting down the number of times the login dialog is...
2009-10-20 epageSwitching from XB to XBS
2009-10-20 epageAdding more stuff to control file to hopefully improve...
2009-10-20 epageSped up login by delay loading contact list
2009-10-19 epageBumping to 1.0.8
2009-10-17 epageStarting work on collapsing messages (it'll be annoying...
2009-10-16 epageApplying a hack for redirect issues
2009-10-15 epageMoving some debug stuff into dialcentral
2009-10-14 epageVersion bump
2009-10-12 epageTrying out clearing the log on re-intall
2009-10-10 epageGiving access to all of a contacts numbers from recent...
2009-10-09 epageUpdating changelist
2009-10-09 epageConsolidating some dialogs
2009-10-09 epageRandom tweak, see changelist for details
2009-10-06 epageUpdating random things
2009-10-06 epagePutting in a lot of fixes for fremantle
2009-10-03 epageShowing more notifications for login status
2009-10-02 epageUpdating changelog
2009-10-02 epageMissed a change description from 1.0.7-0
2009-10-02 epageUpdating changelist
2009-10-01 epageUpdating changelog
2009-09-28 epageAdding features to py2deb at Alan's request
2009-09-28 epageSwitched to module level loggers
2009-09-25 epageNoticed 2 bugs, fixed one
2009-09-25 epageVersion bump and changelog changes
2009-09-25 epageFixing some bugs related to callback
2009-09-25 epageMore touch selector fun (Callback number)
2009-09-25 epageAdding ctrl-enter for fullscreen
2009-09-24 epageFixing refresh bugs
2009-09-24 epageFixing and documenting various bugs
2009-09-24 epageBug fixes and adding of user notifications
2009-09-24 epageOn login failure, switch to accounts tab
2009-09-22 epageUpdating changelog and found out fremantle uses 48x48...
2009-09-20 epageVastly simplified menus in prep for fremantlizing them
2009-09-20 epageLots of fremantle works
2009-09-19 epageUpdating changelog
2009-09-19 epageFixing a fremantle dependency that I somehow missed
2009-09-18 epageCleaning up change list
2009-09-17 epageLots of little tweaks to various issues
2009-09-16 epageSwitched to a hard depend on dbus
2009-09-16 epageMostly improvements to packaging
2009-09-14 epageUpdatign changelog
2009-09-14 epageVersion bump and fixing of several bugs
2009-08-29 epageDisplaying build number to use
2009-08-29 epageChangelist update
2009-08-28 epageUpdating changelist
2009-08-22 epageFixing a dependency issue
2009-08-20 epageUpdating changelist
2009-08-20 epageDisabling sms button when logged off
2009-08-20 epageHaving the Contacts tab remember which was the last...
2009-08-20 epageVERSION BUMP 1.0.5
2009-08-19 epageAllowing a custom launcher and preventing DoSing the...
2009-08-18 epageVarious bug fixes
2009-08-16 epageUpdating changlist with bug fix notice
2009-08-15 epageMost of the way there on notification support; can...
2009-08-12 epageAdding super duper hold stuff to tabs
2009-08-12 epageRemoving some code thatll hopefully increase stability
2009-08-11 epageUpdating changelog
2009-08-10 epageUpdating changelist
2009-08-10 epageAdding tab-holding causes refresh and mixing misc bugs
2009-08-02 epageVersion bump
2009-08-02 epageUpdating my comments
2009-06-24 epageAdding release note for 1.0.1
2009-06-13 epageFixes to work with py2deb and Mer
2009-06-12 epagePrepping for Mer support
2009-06-03 epageVersion bump to 1.0, description fixes, and adding...
2009-06-02 epageVersion bump
2009-05-30 epageBringing in some tweaks from quicknote
2009-05-30 epageAdding list of changes
2009-05-28 epageAdding some unit tests
2009-05-28 epageVersion bump
2009-05-28 epageVersion bump
2009-05-28 epage* Fixing GC support and applying it to GV
2009-05-25 epageAdded messages
2009-05-23 epageMore tiny improvements
2009-05-23 epageUpdating changelist comments