Adding the ignore file
[gc-dialer] / tests /
2009-11-12 epagePicking up on some stray areas
2009-10-17 epageStarting work on collapsing messages (it'll be annoying...
2009-10-15 epageMoving some debug stuff into dialcentral
2009-10-03 epageShowing more notifications for login status
2009-10-01 epageUpated login style
2009-10-01 epageUpdating changelog
2009-09-28 epageSwitched to module level loggers
2009-09-25 epageRemoving some GrandCentral test code
2009-08-22 epageGrabbing some more pages
2009-06-13 epageI guess I never fixed the data generation for gc
2009-06-01 epageHopefully testing and fixes for forwarding numbers...
2009-05-30 epageBringing in some tweaks from quicknote
2009-05-30 epageMore work to get the backend tests to work
2009-05-29 epageAdding gc_backend tests
2009-05-29 epageStarting on gv_backend tests
2009-05-29 epagePrep work for a gv backend test
2009-05-29 epageExpanding tests to the file based addressbook
2009-05-28 epageCompleted hildonization test
2009-05-28 epageBug, bound hildon to the wrong object
2009-05-28 epageBug, bound hildon to the wrong object
2009-05-28 epageAdding a hildon test
2009-05-28 epageExpanded tests slightly
2009-05-28 epageAdding some unit tests