2011-09-16 Ed PageBump to 1.3.11-2 master
2011-09-14 Ed PageBumping to 1.3.11 for PySide testing
2011-09-11 Ed PageForgot to provide defaults to both versions of this...
2011-09-11 Ed PagePySide Workaround: no default parameter specified
2011-09-11 Ed PagePySide Workaround: connected to wrong signal type
2011-09-05 Ed PageBump to 1.3.10
2011-09-05 Ed PageRounding out some holes where I showed ugly numbers
2011-09-05 Ed PageFixing not being able to send a broadcast from the...
2011-09-05 Ed PageAdding some consistency and fixing some bugs
2011-09-01 Ed PageFixing background alarms as well as bumping to 1.3.9
2011-09-01 Ed PageBump to 1.3.8
2011-09-01 Ed PageProtecting against unsupported date formats
2011-08-28 Ed PageThese tests have moved elsewhere
2011-08-28 Ed PageFixing the alarm handler as a tool
2011-08-16 Ed PageBumping to 1.3.7-3 to remove code that doesn't work...
2011-08-15 Ed PageBump for 1.3.7-2
2011-08-15 Ed PageSwitching back to PyQt
2011-08-15 Ed PageBump to 1.3.7-1
2011-08-15 Ed PageUsed too new of a python feature
2011-08-14 Ed PageBump to 1.3.7-0
2011-08-14 Ed PagePySide is handling signal connecting a bit differently
2011-08-14 Ed PageBump to 1.3.6-3
2011-08-14 Ed PageHarmattan-only bump
2011-08-14 Ed PageAdding XDG support
2011-08-14 Ed Pagejson, icon, and misc fixes and improvements made to...
2011-08-10 Ed PageFixing icon sizes
2011-08-10 Ed PageFirst attempt at distutils support now that the locatio...
2011-08-10 Ed PageBROKEN: Moved everything
2011-08-05 Ed PageBump to 1.3.6
2011-08-05 Ed PageForgot to turn the alarm off, whoops
2011-08-05 Ed PageTrying to improve LED disabling
2011-08-05 Ed PageImproving wording on new messages
2011-08-05 Ed PageFixing button sizing
2011-07-29 Ed PageAdding back in the google voice number
2011-07-07 Ed PageUpdating from skeleton
2011-07-07 Ed PageGraceful fallback with pyside without QtMobility
2011-07-07 Ed PageMore PySide testing
2011-04-28 Ed PageBump to 1.3.5-1
2011-04-26 Ed PageBump to 1.3.5
2011-04-26 Ed PageI got mixed up, I thought this attribute meant supports...
2011-04-26 Ed PageBump to 1.3.4
2011-04-22 Ed PageSwitching to icons to see if this makes things more...
2011-04-22 Ed PageBump to 1.3.3-1
2011-04-21 Ed PageBump to 1.3.3
2011-04-21 Ed PageTemporarilly disabling pyside
2011-04-21 Ed PageFixing recursion
2011-04-20 Ed PageBump to 1.3.2
2011-04-20 Ed PageAttempting to fix the back button's pie menu
2011-04-20 Ed PageTweaking the 'default' orientation choice
2011-04-20 Ed PageAnother try at fixing settings on Maemo 5
2011-04-20 Ed PageFixing a bug with the delay init of missed call handlin...
2011-04-20 Ed PageBump to 1.3.1
2011-04-20 Ed PageFixing account dialog buttons on Maemo 5
2011-04-19 Ed PagePackaged 1.3.0
2011-04-19 Ed PageMerge branch 'settings'
2011-04-19 Ed PageBumping to 1.3.0
2011-04-19 Ed PageSwitching the account dialog to a window
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding orientation to the account dialog
2011-04-19 Ed PageSwitching to make rotation more configurable4
2011-04-19 Ed PageCaching has been required for a while, so don't accept...
2011-04-19 Ed PageSwitching deps to PySide
2011-04-19 Ed PageQtMobility Memory Corruption Reproduction:
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding frontend support for QtMobility Contacts
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding a backend for QtMobility Contacts
2011-04-19 Ed PageImplement workaround for PySide bug
2011-04-19 Ed PageSimplify site of pyside bug to better determine issue
2011-04-19 Ed PagePySide Bug Reproduction: Final version of threading...
2011-04-19 Ed PagePySide Bug Reproduction: Moving everything local for...
2011-04-19 Ed PagePySide Bug Reproduction: Adding test code for the curre...
2011-04-19 Ed PagePySide Bug Reproduction: Bringing code inline with...
2011-04-19 Ed PagePySide Bug Reproduction: Switching to compat code
2011-04-19 Ed PagePySide Bug Investigation: Producer/Consumer threading
2011-04-19 Ed PageDoing a better job of managing the lifetime of my objects
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding support for PySide's handling of QVariant
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding support for PySide's handling of QString
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding support for PySide's naming scheme
2011-04-19 Ed PageSignifying to the user what history is updating
2011-04-19 Ed PageRemove a user step: OSK pops up and have to scroll...
2011-04-19 Ed PageParanoia
2011-04-19 Ed PageImproving the refresh button on Maemo 4.1
2011-04-19 Ed PageFixing a unicode problem for CSV
2011-04-19 Ed PageDelay load call handler
2011-04-19 Ed PageCleaning up the settings
2011-04-19 Ed PageEnabling support for configuring voicemail check on...
2011-04-19 Ed PageRefactoring where we do heavy lifting for settings
2011-04-19 Ed PageGetting auto-voicemail update working
2011-04-19 Ed PageFront-end support for partial history updates
2011-04-19 Ed PageBackend support for partial history update
2011-04-19 Ed PageRemoving deadcode
2011-04-19 Ed PageRotating logs prevent need for clearing on upgrade
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding playback to the front end
2011-04-19 Ed PageGetting backends to work
2011-04-19 Ed PageDecreasing the timeout for making faster network transi...
2011-04-19 Ed PageApplying various optimizations
2011-04-19 Ed PagePushing account refresh into the UI
2011-04-19 Ed PageSetting up a proper account refresh
2011-04-19 Ed PageNotifying the user on dnd
2011-04-19 Ed PageMaking it possible to trace where a user error came...
2011-04-19 Ed PageRemoving a warning on startup
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding voicemail support to the session and making...