2009-03-27 epageAutogenerating todos
2009-03-26 epageMaking sure we always have the pyc for supposedly faste...
2009-03-26 epageMerge gv_support changes r243:251 into the trunk
2009-03-21 epageFixing the section
2009-03-21 epageMinor cleanups
2009-03-20 epageMinor wording things
2009-03-20 epageCut down one more download
2009-03-20 epageOops, left prints in
2009-03-20 epageFixing various bugs
2009-03-20 epageMinor cleanup
2009-03-20 epageBackwards logic, whoops
2009-03-20 epageIn theory, adding some hardening against bugs due to...
2009-03-20 epageConsolidating timeout location and increasing it for...
2009-03-20 epageForgot a file as part of cleanup
2009-03-20 epageCleaning up
2009-03-20 epageSwitching to a more automatic route for things
2009-03-19 epageIncluding comments in changes about build change
2009-03-19 epageExperimenting with having the package include the pyc...
2009-03-19 epage* More debug info printed when users have issues
2009-03-19 epageGetting click to call working and adding GoogleVoice...
2009-03-18 epageHmm, these probably should be using https, but now...
2009-03-18 epageTracking my progress. Still doesn't work, I'm getting...
2009-03-18 epageFixing some error reporting
2009-03-18 epageGeneralizing of calling into backend code
2009-03-14 epageMade a slight mistake with click to call but this doesn...
2009-03-14 epageTrying out the mobile version for a bit
2009-03-14 epageSome callback number work (working) and click to call...
2009-03-14 epageLogin, authentication check, account number, recent...
2009-03-13 epageWork in progress on Google Voice and Google Data
2009-03-13 epage* Made the file backend more generic by trying to find...
2009-03-06 epageUpdating versions and webpage
2009-03-06 epageUpdating package lists
2009-03-05 epageEh, parens might help
2009-03-05 epageMake fix and decided to bump the version higher due...
2009-03-05 epageSwitching to login window
2009-03-05 epageFleshed out online/offline modes
2009-03-05 epage* Switched the gc_views to support enable/disable in...
2009-03-04 epageBuilding up the interface
2009-03-04 epageSmall step towards null pattern
2009-03-04 epageMinor cleanups
2009-02-21 epageUpdating todo file
2009-02-21 epageForgot to add file_backend for building
2009-02-21 epageThats a bit better not having some errno like stuff...
2009-02-21 epageDon't see theme issues, think it was just that theme
2009-02-19 epageExpanded the sorting options since my csv files were...
2009-02-19 epageBy actually implementing the factory pattern I found...
2009-02-19 epageFilesystem backed contacts and minor cleanups
2009-02-18 epageSome build updates and moving some code out of gc_dialer.py
2009-02-18 epageMinor code re-arrangements
2009-02-18 epageFurther code re-arrangement
2009-02-17 epage* Renamed glade file to reflect project naming
2009-02-17 epageMoved recent calls into a seperate class
2009-02-17 epageMoving the account view handling out to a different...
2009-02-17 epageRefactored out dialpad related ... stuff
2009-02-17 epageRenamed the clear number menu entry to make it clearer...
2009-02-17 epageRenamed top level class to make it easier to add others
2009-02-17 epageUpdating package info
2009-02-17 epageAdded caching of contacts with cache clearing under...
2009-02-07 epageUpdating versions in prep for next release
2009-02-07 epageFixing the version number, didn't see the build field
2009-02-07 epageSomehow I lost this bug fix
2009-02-06 epageMinor cleanups
2009-02-04 epageReplaced the author name with mine since no one else...
2009-01-31 epagePy2Deb now works (for me)
2009-01-31 epageremoving empty dir
2009-01-31 epageRearranging things a bit
2009-01-31 epageMinor formatting tweaks
2009-01-31 epageStarting on a webpage
2009-01-30 epageVery minor cleanups
2008-11-18 epageReduced the chance of erroneous behavior due to a race...
2008-10-09 epage* Changed version numbers to be monotonically increasing
2008-10-09 epageFixed some bugs with the contacts view and reduced...
2008-10-03 epageChanging some references to GC Dialer in the code
2008-10-03 epageGetting rid of the autogenerated deb stuff since its...
2008-10-03 epageSome minor tweaks to buildeb but I still havent changed...
2008-10-03 epageFixing a recent calls issue
2008-10-03 epageMinor bug fix from the code merger
2008-10-03 epageVersion bump
2008-10-03 epageMerging in the tweaks branch
2008-10-02 epageSwitching to the newest DialCentral for the trunk
2008-10-02 epageClearing out the old version to bring in the new
2008-10-02 epageCleaned up the makefile and fixed some minor bugs svn/updatingSvn
2008-10-02 epageFirst step towards integrating changes
2008-10-02 epageSome further minor tweaks
2008-10-02 epageMinor tweaking
2008-10-02 epagePulling in the latest of brontides manually
2008-09-11 epageRemoving a warning on startup
2008-09-11 epage* Made it a flag of whether to be explicit on python...
2008-09-01 epageSome minor tweaks
2008-08-16 epageFixing dbus support on the program menu item
2008-08-16 epageHopefully a fix for some tablet issues
2008-08-14 epageMinor cleanups
2008-08-11 epageFixing dependencies for maemo
2008-08-09 epageMore gui cleanup
2008-08-09 epageSome minor cleanups to the new GUI for addressbooks
2008-08-09 epageAlternative GUI for addressbook, still needs some polis...
2008-08-09 epageFamous last words: "This seems to work"
2008-08-09 epageAdding some comments
2008-08-09 epageMinor code cleanup
2008-08-09 epageRemoving some code that is no longer needed