2010-11-01 Ed PageTab icons
2010-10-23 Ed PageResults of testing on Maemo 5
2010-10-23 Ed PageClean up and adding the possibility of slices on buttons
2010-10-23 Ed PageActually implementing send and call
2010-10-22 Ed PageAdding from GTK DC the ability for any tab to look...
2010-10-22 Ed PageMoving some tools out to be shared
2010-10-22 Ed PageFinixhing merge
2010-10-19 Ed PageBump to 1.1.13
2010-10-19 Ed PagePulling in some changes from TOR
2010-10-19 Ed PageProtecting against some javascript comments within...
2010-10-19 Ed PageProtecting against eval failing
2010-10-16 Ed PageDelaying the login so the screen can at least showing...
2010-10-16 Ed PageAdding support to persist the current ab
2010-10-16 Ed PagePersist view settings
2010-10-16 Ed PageAuto-login support
2010-10-16 Ed PageStarting on real settings support
2010-10-16 Ed PageMoving things out to separate files and doing the impor...
2010-10-16 Ed PageAdding account dialog and some startup optimizations
2010-10-16 Ed PageRounding out the contacts implementation
2010-10-06 Ed PageImplementing caches for a session
2010-10-06 Ed PageSetting up the chain for the ui to tell the session...
2010-10-04 Ed PageAdding in support for listing out each recipient, delet...
2010-10-04 Ed PagePopulating of a single target's phone number in SMS...
2010-09-18 Ed PageRemoving contact caching from backend, moving it to...
2010-09-11 Ed PageSomehow broke startup
2010-09-11 Ed PageFixed issues with the credentials dialog
2010-09-11 Ed PageStarting on threading work
2010-09-10 Ed PageSeparating model from view/control for errors, adding...
2010-09-10 Ed PageStarting session integration
2010-09-10 Ed PageImplementing the enable/disables and adding a clear
2010-09-10 Ed PageFirst crack at a session model
2010-09-09 Ed PageAdding a filtering UI for messages
2010-09-09 Ed PageFinishing up a rough sketch of the UI including the...
2010-08-26 Ed PageBump to 1.1.12-0
2010-08-26 Ed PageAdding protections against a gmail address being a...
2010-08-25 Ed PageSMS Entry, Dialpad, and skeleton for History, Messages...
2010-08-19 Ed PageCreating a hollow shell of a UI
2010-07-26 Ed PageIn playing with direct dial I found I setup the user...
2010-07-26 Ed PageBump to -1
2010-07-21 Ed PageBump to 1.1.11
2010-07-21 Ed PageUnescaping HTML escaping for names and message content
2010-07-20 Ed PageFixing optification, bumping to 1.1.10
2010-07-20 Ed PageBump to 1.1.9
2010-07-20 Ed PageBugfix: when first replying to a text an error of ...
2010-07-19 Ed PageCleaning things up
2010-07-19 Ed PageMore testing
2010-07-19 Ed PageExperimenting with direct-dial
2010-07-16 Ed PageMerging in files from skeleton
2010-07-16 Ed PageApplying some cleanups from TOR
2010-06-22 Ed PageBased on post, fixing some postrm issues
2010-06-08 Ed PageCleanups
2010-06-08 Ed PageMore Gonvert fixes
2010-06-08 Ed PagePulling in things from Gonvert work
2010-05-29 Ed PageUpdating based on work with MormonChannel
2010-05-01 Ed PageAdding utils
2010-04-22 Ed PageForgot a file
2010-04-22 Ed PageInitial import of all of the helpful utils
2010-03-25 Ed PageAdding rotation support through updated hildon support
2010-03-25 Ed PageRemoving Mer support
2010-03-06 Ed PageUpdating the deb fgile
2010-03-06 Ed PageBumping to 1.1.8
2010-03-06 Ed PageApplying patch from iXce to fix an issue with time...
2010-02-26 Ed PageBump 1.1.7
2010-02-26 Ed PageAdjusting number formatting
2010-02-26 Ed PageAdjusting how numbers are normalized
2010-02-24 Ed PageMinor code cleanup
2010-02-24 Ed PageBump to 1.1.6
2010-02-24 Ed PageSwitching to a + icon
2010-02-24 Ed PageAdding back in separate call and sms buttons
2010-02-23 Ed PageLogging when switching to the null backend
2010-02-23 Ed PageBump to 1.1.5
2010-02-22 Ed PageDrawing attention to errors
2010-02-22 Ed PageFixing issues with error reporting
2010-02-20 Ed PageBumping to 1.1.4
2010-02-20 Ed PageThought I already did this but it was only done to...
2010-02-20 Ed PageScroll to bottom on removing of a contact
2010-02-20 Ed PageBumping to 1.1.3
2010-02-20 Ed PageFixing issues on Maemo 5
2010-02-19 Ed PageFix a segfault, fix broadcast sms on Maemo 5, added...
2010-02-19 Ed PageFixing bug where texts weren't shown
2010-02-19 Ed PageAdding spacing between contacts in the SMS window
2010-02-19 Ed PageBumping to 1.1.2
2010-02-19 Ed PageAdding a proper error box for the sms window
2010-02-19 Ed PageReformatting the SMS window
2010-02-19 Ed PageInsenitive number selectors when just 1 number and...
2010-02-18 Ed PageBump to 1.1.1
2010-02-18 Ed PagePutting call history in SMS window and fixing bugs...
2010-02-18 Ed PageAdding icons to the sms window buttons
2010-02-18 Ed PagePushing out 1.1.0
2010-02-18 Ed PageUpdating changelog
2010-02-18 Ed PageImplementing various key combos in the new sms window
2010-02-18 Ed PageAdding support for dial and send
2010-02-18 Ed PageFixing the dialpad
2010-02-18 Ed PageChanging of phone types with the new ui now should...
2010-02-18 Ed PageFixing reversed phone list issue
2010-02-17 Ed PageSwitching the sms entry to a single instance
2010-02-17 Ed PageSwitching SMS Entry to a window. SMS/Dial buttons...
2010-02-17 Ed PageUpdating change description
2010-02-17 Ed PageSwitching import from a menu item to a hidden keyboard...
2010-02-17 Ed PageAdding the ignore file