2011-12-17 Heli HyvättinenUpdated the web pages master
2011-12-14 Heli HyvättinenPackaging files as they were at release of 0.4.0 v0.4.0_Maemo
2011-11-28 Heli HyvättinenAdded version number to .pro for mud2
2011-11-26 Heli HyvättinenUpdated upgrade description
2011-10-25 Heli HyvättinenUpped the version to 0.4.0
2011-10-24 Heli HyvättinenUpdated the web pages
2011-10-15 Heli HyvättinenOutcommented some qDebugs
2011-10-15 Heli HyvättinenRemembers the last used levelset
2011-10-15 Heli HyvättinenLowers speeds on the hardest new levels.
2011-09-26 Heli HyvättinenMenu items in correct places again
2011-09-26 Heli HyvättinenCompiles again
2011-09-26 Heli HyvättinenMade the last level of the new levelset harder
2011-09-26 Heli HyvättinenSecond levelset works
2011-09-26 Heli HyvättinenAdded "Choose levelset" to menu. Does not work yet.
2011-09-26 Heli HyvättinenAnother levelset now exists internally
2011-09-12 Heli HyvättinenAdded total highscore for levelset
2011-09-10 Heli HyvättinenThe score counting now stops during pauses
2011-09-07 Heli HyvättinenHighscore strored as milliseconds instead of seconds
2011-09-07 Heli HyvättinenChanged highscore info color and font size
2011-09-07 Heli HyvättinenHighscore gets saved.
2011-09-07 Heli HyvättinenAdvances to the next level again
2011-09-06 Heli HyvättinenWork towards highscore
2011-09-06 Heli HyvättinenThe levels are now stored in the Levelset class
2011-09-06 Heli HyvättinenAdded Levelset class
2011-08-05 Heli HyvättinenUpdated web page
2011-07-29 Heli HyvättinenAdded source and smaller screenshot for Harmattan
2011-07-29 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'webpage'
2011-07-29 Heli HyvättinenAdded link to Harmattan version download
2011-07-29 Heli HyvättinenWeb pages almost ready for release of Harmattan version
2011-07-29 Heli HyvättinenAdded screenshots from N950
2011-07-28 Heli HyvättinenRemoved extra file from webpages
2011-07-28 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'webpage'
2011-07-28 Heli HyvättinenRenewed web pages
2011-07-27 Heli HyvättinenChanged back to using forcePause and softContinue when app v0.3.0_fremantle
2011-07-27 Heli HyvättinenPolls for screen locked status
2011-07-27 Heli HyvättinenShould pause at device lock
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenFixed autopause
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenAdded autopause to upgrade sescription in debian contro...
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenAdded autopause to changelog
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenRemoved unused pic from qrc
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenClarified menu item text
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenUpped version number to 0.3.0 and changed packaging...
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenOutcommented some qDebug()s
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenCentered the texts in victory screen
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenAdd web page address to about
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenAdded aboutboxitem and vivtoryscreenitem to set items...
2011-07-26 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'victoryscreen'
2011-07-25 Heli HyvättinenAbout box integrated to view/scene
2011-07-25 Heli HyvättinenVictory screen integrated into the game view/scene
2011-07-25 Heli HyvättinenMenu no longer crashes randomly
2011-07-25 Heli HyvättinenFixed a typo
2011-07-25 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'base'
2011-07-25 Heli HyvättinenThe togglable vibration menu item now works correctly
2011-07-25 Heli HyvättinenCleaned up after merge with mergetool
2011-07-25 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'savingsettings' into base
2011-07-25 Heli HyvättinenTogglable vibration effects menu item
2011-07-23 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'minimizebutton'
2011-07-23 Heli Hyvättinen"Go to background ims no "Show statusbar" and works
2011-07-23 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'autopause3'
2011-07-23 Heli HyvättinenVibration setting is now saved
2011-07-20 Heli HyvättinenAutopausetimer now singleshot
2011-07-20 Heli HyvättinenTried to add minimize to menu CRASHES
2011-07-20 Heli HyvättinenAdded autopause
2011-07-20 Heli HyvättinenChanged menu text for settings
2011-07-20 Heli HyvättinenBigger quit and about menu buttons and about box icon...
2011-07-19 Heli Hyvättinenadded .desktop file for Harmattan
2011-07-19 Heli HyvättinenColor and font size of menu pause text and menu items...
2011-07-19 Heli HyvättinenAdded a "Quit" item to the menu.
2011-07-19 Heli HyvättinenGame is now inpaused after done with menu
2011-07-19 Heli HyvättinenGot rid of MainWindow
2011-07-19 Heli HyvättinenThe app is now fullscreen
2011-07-19 Heli HyvättinenThe menu items trigger expected behaviour
2011-07-19 Heli HyvättinenMoved menu actions to SeaScene from MainWindow
2011-07-16 Heli HyvättinenAll menu items in place. Still do nothing.
2011-07-16 Heli HyvättinenMenu items can be selected
2011-07-16 Heli HyvättinenPause/unpause by tapping the screen now works
2011-07-16 Heli Hyvättinenwork towards new pause and menu systems
2011-07-13 Heli HyvättinenUpdated the web page to reflect release of v.0.2.1
2011-07-13 Heli HyvättinenFixed a bug in vibration effects and upped version... v0.2.1
2011-07-13 Heli HyvättinenUpdated the web page to reflect release of v.0.2.0
2011-07-12 Heli HyvättinenRestored debian files listing in .pro file v.0.2.0
2011-07-12 Heli HyvättinenRemoved SeaView class files from project
2011-07-12 Heli HyvättinenUpdated files under /debian to reflect version 0.2.0
2011-07-11 Heli HyvättinenAdded copyright & licence info where missing
2011-07-11 Heli HyvättinenUpped the version number to 0.2.0
2011-07-11 Heli HyvättinenFine tuned levels
2011-07-05 Heli HyvättinenMoved "Restart game" place in menu
2011-07-05 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'levelstructure'
2011-07-04 Heli HyvättinenChanges in levels (numbers of ghosts and speeds of...
2011-07-04 Heli Hyvättinen"Vibration effects" now in menu before "Pause"
2011-07-04 Heli HyvättinenThe initial directions of octopuses are now random
2011-07-01 Heli HyvättinenThe menu option "Vibration effects" now works
2011-06-29 Heli HyvättinenVibration on/off now in the menu.
2011-06-27 Heli HyvättinenVibration when hitting rocks and octopuses
2011-06-26 Heli HyvättinenRemoved obsolete include
2011-06-26 Heli HyvättinenOctopuses now stopped if speed is set 0 (or less) on...
2011-06-23 Heli HyvättinenOctopus speed given can now be zero or less
2011-06-23 Heli HyvättinenNow supports multiple levels.
2011-06-23 Heli HyvättinenAdded a Level class
2011-06-23 Heli HyvättinenEdited the web page