2010-04-12 JonCloser to pep8
2010-04-12 Jonremove unused import
2010-04-12 JonNo need for parser to be a class
2010-04-12 Jonchange event parsing
2010-04-12 Jonrefactor events and parser, change gps method and wait...
2010-04-11 JonMove location code into own file and move event code...
2010-04-08 Jonadd icon
2010-04-07 Jonsmall change to python line
2010-04-06 JonRename file
2010-04-02 Jonfilter events to only today, change gps method
2010-03-27 Jonadd functions to menu buttons, move table code, change...
2010-03-26 JonUpdate doc strings, add placeholder buttons and move...
2010-03-26 Jonmerge
2010-03-26 JonTODO comment
2010-03-25 JonThreading work, add indicator, message banner and begin...
2010-03-25 Jonremove response data, add locator class and sort gigs...
2010-03-22 JonImprove getting gps data
2010-03-22 JonUpdate window title with number of gigs
2010-03-22 JonStart refactoring code
2010-03-20 JonAdd readme
2010-03-20 JonAddlicense file
2010-03-20 JonAdd beginings of lastfm code, license file and docstrings
2010-03-19 JonInitial gui work
2010-03-19 JonInitial commit