Fixing up some packaging issues
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2009-11-04 Ed PageFixing up some packaging issues
2009-11-04 Ed PageIn prep for Fremantle support, removing autoconnect
2009-11-03 Ed PageSmall tweak
2009-11-03 Ed PageOptimizing startup by not localizing unit data
2009-11-03 Ed PageEven more hildonizing work
2009-11-03 Ed PageMore hildonizing work
2009-10-31 Ed PageCleaned up showing or hiding the symbol area
2009-10-31 Ed PageBug fixes, code cleanup, UI polish, and hildonized...
2009-10-31 Ed PageCleanup; hildonizing the menu; hildonizing the tree...
2009-10-31 Ed PageSwitching some layout stuff for better hiding of featur...
2009-10-31 Ed PageLint suggestions
2009-10-31 Ed PageRemoving the defaulting to maximize completely
2009-10-31 Ed PageThe cody pretty much now embodies the comment
2009-10-31 Ed PageMinor handling for startup profiling
2009-10-31 Ed PageRemoving the writing to console, fixing a bug with...
2009-10-31 Ed PageMore cleanups
2009-10-31 Ed PageSuperfluous check removed
2009-10-31 Ed PageAdding logging to those callbacks
2009-10-31 Ed PageMassive cleanup to user entry
2009-10-31 Ed PageFixing a regex mistake
2009-10-31 Ed PageGetting code I don't want to deal with out of my way
2009-10-31 Ed PageMinor cleanup as I slowly move through this code
2009-10-30 Ed PageAdded hiding of find; added find next/previous; added...
2009-10-30 Ed PageFound a better name for this function
2009-10-30 Ed PageRenaming find_count to something more meaningful
2009-10-30 Ed PageConsolidated the find callbacks
2009-10-30 Ed PageRemoved an unused import
2009-10-30 Ed PageMinor whitespace cleanup
2009-10-30 Ed PageTaking advantage of GTK to do sorting of units table...
2009-10-30 Ed PageStart of some cleanup
2009-10-30 Ed PageMinor cleanups
2009-10-30 Ed PageLogging exceptions in cleaned up callbacks
2009-10-30 Ed PageFound a better name for the find callback
2009-10-30 Ed Pagecleaning up a function name
2009-10-30 Ed PageSlowly going through functions cleaning them up. THis...
2009-10-30 Ed PageRemoving a function by taking advantage of GTK
2009-10-30 Ed PageCaching off the category names and fixing a bug
2009-10-30 Ed PageMisc cleanups
2009-10-30 Ed PageCleaning up some unused code
2009-10-30 Ed PageSwitching to the GTK About dialog
2009-10-30 Ed PageThe final vanquishment of globals
2009-10-30 Ed PageEncapsulated almost all of the state into a class
2009-10-30 Ed PageEncapsulated almost all of the state into a class
2009-10-30 Ed PageRenaming some of the signal handlers
2009-10-30 Ed PageMore renaming
2009-10-30 Ed PageIt is now pretty much PEP8 happy
2009-10-30 Ed PageDoing massive renames
2009-10-29 Ed PageContinuing to give things meaningful names
2009-10-29 Ed PageAdding some more global statements to fix search and...
2009-10-29 Ed PageRenaming things and fixing an exit bug
2009-10-29 Ed PageStarting to make progress on at least getting this...
2009-10-29 Ed PageMinor tweaks