Bump to 1.1.3
[gonvert] / src / hildonize.py
2010-05-31 Ed PagePulling in my skeleton
2010-05-29 Ed PageUpdating based on work with MormonChannel
2010-04-22 Ed PageInitial import of all of the helpful utils
2010-03-25 Ed PageAdding rotation support through updated hildon support
2009-12-12 Ed PageMaking app menu possible
2009-11-18 Ed PageMinor tweaks
2009-11-11 Ed PageMoving stuff to bugzilla
2009-11-07 Ed PageFixing hildonization in case we hildonize before parenting
2009-11-04 Ed PageGot rid of a meaningless bug comment
2009-11-03 Ed PageOptimizing startup by not localizing unit data
2009-11-03 Ed PageEven more hildonizing work
2009-10-31 Ed PagePulling in some hildon helpers from Dialcentral