Making the sorting global to the entire application
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2010-06-08 Ed PageOptification due to readhing the rootfs limit
2010-06-06 Ed Page1.0.1 package
2010-06-05 Ed PageForgot a dependency
2010-06-05 Ed PageBump to 1.0.0-2 to fix deps for Diablo
2010-06-05 Ed PageBump to 1.0.0-1 to fix a dependency issue
2010-06-05 Ed PageBump to 1.0
2010-05-31 Ed PagePulling in my skeleton
2010-04-22 Ed PageInitial import of all of the helpful utils
2010-04-19 Ed PageBump to 0.3.9
2010-01-09 Ed PageReleasing the 0.9.2-2 deb
2010-01-09 Ed PageReverting change to pannable due to issues
2010-01-09 Ed PageBumping to 0.9.2-1 to fix a bad signal name
2009-12-15 Ed PageAdding .deb
2009-12-08 Ed PageAdding a webpage