2012-01-19 Ed PageBump to 1.1.6 to fix a user issue master
2011-12-23 Ed PageFix for py2.5
2011-08-13 Ed PageAll distros bump to 1.1.5-3
2011-08-13 Ed PageBump for harmattan
2011-08-13 Ed PageFixing the launcher icon for harmattan (even if I am...
2011-08-13 Ed PageFix from ejpi
2011-08-13 Ed PageBumping for harmattan
2011-08-13 Ed PageCleaning up the makefile
2011-08-13 Ed PageFixing deps
2011-08-13 Ed PageFixing obs_upload for running within make
2011-08-12 Ed PageFixing uploading to osc
2011-08-12 Ed PageMaking simplejson a fallback for py<2.6
2011-08-12 Ed PageUpload to OBS for Harmattan
2011-08-11 Ed PageBump to 1.1.5
2011-08-11 Ed PageUpdating CHANGES
2011-08-11 Ed PageFixing a race condition
2011-08-11 Ed PageEnabling PySide support
2011-08-11 Ed PageFixing PySide support
2011-08-11 Ed PageXDG Support
2011-08-10 Ed PageBump to 1.1.4-3
2011-08-10 Ed PageFixing icon sizes
2011-08-10 Ed PageFixes to unused code
2011-08-10 Ed PageMinor cleaups
2011-08-10 Ed PageBump to 1.1.4-2
2011-08-10 Ed PageFixing Fremantle deps to actually use PyQt4 seeing...
2011-08-10 Ed PageRemoving svg in hopes of fixing icon issues
2011-08-10 Ed PageFixing packaging
2011-08-09 Ed PageBump to 1.1.4-1
2011-08-09 Ed PageFirst pass at switching to distutils
2011-07-07 Ed PageMaking an assert a bit more helpful
2011-07-07 Ed PageUpdating from skeleton
2011-02-26 Ed PageLimiting log size
2011-02-24 Ed PageAdding categories
2011-01-13 Ed PageUpdating from Maemo skeleton
2010-12-29 Ed PagePulling in latest skeleton changes
2010-12-25 Ed PageFixing the makefile
2010-12-18 Ed PageBump to 1.1.4
2010-12-16 Ed PageUpdating licensing
2010-11-09 Ed PageSaving on some horizontal space
2010-10-16 Ed PageDefaulting to condensed mode for the faster startup
2010-10-16 Ed PageDelay load less common windows for better startup time
2010-10-16 Ed PageRemoving GTK support
2010-10-03 Ed PageForgot a file
2010-10-02 Ed PageMoving the webpage to the wiki
2010-10-02 Ed PageCleanup
2010-06-15 Ed PageFixing Units Window when only showing favorites
2010-06-15 Ed PageAdding back in scrolling when using arrow keys in the...
2010-06-11 Ed PageBump to 1.1.3
2010-06-11 Ed PageAdjusting column sizes
2010-06-11 Ed PageBump to 1.1.2
2010-06-11 Ed PageConsolidating UI updates for user edits to speed thigns up
2010-06-11 Ed PageBump to 1.1.1
2010-06-11 Ed PageAttempting some optimizations
2010-06-10 Ed PageSwitching favorites tocheckboxes to hopefully make...
2010-06-10 Ed PageMisc bug fixes
2010-06-08 Ed PageMerging the two sets of files
2010-06-08 Ed PageMerging skeleton changes
2010-06-08 Ed PageMore Gonvert fixes
2010-06-08 Ed PageBump to 1.1.0
2010-06-08 Ed PageRemoving dead code
2010-06-08 Ed PageBug fix for logging
2010-06-08 Ed PageLess flickering of windows and leaving the recent/searc...
2010-06-08 Ed PagePersist the sort preference
2010-06-08 Ed PageMaking the sorting global to the entire application
2010-06-08 Ed PageFixing a disconnect bug
2010-06-08 Ed PageConsistently allowing selection
2010-06-08 Ed PageFixing a bug where we did not always refresh the conver...
2010-06-08 Ed PageFixing a bug when changing categories we would get...
2010-06-08 Ed PageDisconnecting more quit signals as a precaution against...
2010-06-08 Ed PageRemoving modality, stackable windows can be the determi...
2010-06-08 Ed PageFixing a condensed view bug where you select units...
2010-06-08 Ed PageAdding headers to make condensed view less confusing
2010-06-08 Ed PageUpdating changelist
2010-06-08 Ed PageForcing a max column size on name/unit
2010-06-08 Ed PageFixing a clearing issue
2010-06-08 Ed PageImproving window switch time some more
2010-06-08 Ed PageReducing needless loading of windows
2010-06-08 Ed PageFixing Premature closing by preventing receiving signal...
2010-06-08 Ed PageMoving forward on more hiding to help my situation out
2010-06-08 Ed PageRecording changes for this version
2010-06-08 Ed PageFixing the close issue when transitioning between modes
2010-06-08 Ed PageAdding a condensed view that supports all of the option...
2010-06-08 Ed PageMaking the various windows mutually exclusive
2010-06-08 Ed PagePulling in things from Gonvert work
2010-06-08 Ed PageOptification due to readhing the rootfs limit
2010-06-06 Ed Page1.0.1 package
2010-06-05 Ed PageBump to 1.0.1
2010-06-05 Ed PageTolerating versions of pyqt that don't offer preferring...
2010-06-05 Ed PageForgot a dependency
2010-06-05 Ed PageBump to 1.0.0-2 to fix deps for Diablo
2010-06-05 Ed PageBump to 1.0.0-1 to fix a dependency issue
2010-06-05 Ed PageBump to 1.0
2010-06-05 Ed PageAdding a hint to prefer numbers on the line edit
2010-06-05 Ed PageAdd stackable windows and auto-rotation (last one is...
2010-06-05 Ed PageFixing some column sizes and some optimizations
2010-06-05 Ed PageOptimizing for Maemo
2010-06-05 Ed PageFIxing some menu text
2010-06-05 Ed PageFixing a bug where the wrong unit would show up when...
2010-06-05 Ed PageScroll to selected item
2010-06-05 Ed PageAdding invert/all/none buttons