more work on dameon
[googlelatitude] / src / gps.h
2011-01-22 Rodrigo Linfatimore work on dameon
2011-01-22 Rodrigo Linfatidaemon mode and bugs fixes
2011-01-22 Rodrigo LinfatiRevert "Changed the old code to work as a daemon"
2011-01-15 Danilo LuvizottoChanged the old code to work as a daemon
2010-05-09 Rodrigo Linfatiifdef for maemo
2010-05-05 Rodrigo Linfatinew version
2010-01-04 Rodrigo Linfatifix detection of liblocation...
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatire-check compile on qtcreator, maemo5, maemo4
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatisupport to no liblocation
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfativersion 0.3, initial support to liblocation
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatisignal to gps
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatiadd a draw of gps interface