Version 0.6-2, use of cell+gps, fix "start daemon"
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2011-01-27 Rodrigo LinfatiVersion 0.6-2, use of cell+gps, fix "start daemon"
2011-01-26 Rodrigo Linfatiif not network, not start up gps
2011-01-26 Rodrigo Linfatifix the NaN in gps
2011-01-26 Rodrigo Linfatiupdate the daemon setting every x time
2011-01-26 Rodrigo LinfatiVersion 0.6, daemon, gps, battery saver
2011-01-24 Rodrigo Linfatifix the maximal unstable
2011-01-24 Rodrigo Linfatifix for qt <=4.6
2011-01-24 Rodrigo Linfatiseparate daemon from gui, not auto connect
2011-01-22 Rodrigo Linfatimore work on dameon
2011-01-22 Rodrigo Linfatibe compatible with qt 4.6/4.5
2011-01-22 Rodrigo Linfatiadd interval config
2011-01-22 Rodrigo Linfatidaemon mode and bugs fixes
2011-01-22 Rodrigo LinfatiRevert "Changed the old code to work as a daemon"
2011-01-15 Danilo LuvizottoChanged the old code to work as a daemon
2010-05-10 Rodrigo Linfatienable plugins, update todo
2010-05-09 Rodrigo Linfatiifdef for maemo
2010-05-05 Rodrigo Linfatiset update every 120s
2010-05-05 Rodrigo Linfatinew version
2010-05-05 Rodrigo Linfatiprepare for 1.2
2010-02-10 Rodrigo Linfatiurl buzz
2010-01-16 Rodrigo Linfatidelete libqt4-maemo5, now libqt is finger usable...
2010-01-04 Rodrigo Linfatifix detection of liblocation...
2010-01-02 Rodrigo Linfatino update on x or y == 0
2010-01-02 Rodrigo Linfaticell/gps only on maemo5
2010-01-02 Rodrigo Linfatichanges in build system...
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatiauto update, test stop criteria
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatire-check compile on qtcreator, maemo5, maemo4
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatisupport to no liblocation
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfativersion 0.3, initial support to liblocation
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatisignal to gps
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatiadd a draw of gps interface
2010-01-01 Rodrigo Linfatichange statusbar to status lineedit
2009-12-29 Rodrigo Linfatiminor change in gui
2009-12-29 Rodrigo Linfativersion 2.1
2009-12-29 Rodrigo Linfatibug lat vs lon
2009-12-29 Rodrigo Linfativersion 0.2
2009-12-28 Rodrigo Linfatichange widget -> object
2009-12-16 Rodrigo LinfatiFirst Commit 0.1 debianized