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last changeFri, 28 Oct 2011 14:46:21 +0000 (16:46 +0200)
2011-10-28 Rodrigo LinfatiMigrated to: master
2011-10-28 Rodrigo Linfatichanges for formeego, do not use
2011-10-22 Rodrigo LinfatiWork in progress: hacks at vienna, do not use it
2011-09-11 DeveloperPrepare for ovi store
2011-09-11 DeveloperSeparate in library the application
2011-08-10 Rodrigo LinfatiUse of invoker
2011-08-04 Rodrigo LinfatiFix double toolbar
2011-08-04 Rodrigo LinfatiTry to fix OBS + Aegis
2011-07-29 Rodrigo LinfatiFix for OBS, is still missing the aegis support
2011-07-28 Rodrigo LinfatiFix for scratchbox
2011-07-28 Rodrigo Linfatifix the .desktop file to use /opt/
2011-07-28 Rodrigo LinfatiUse only /opt/, fix daemon
2011-07-28 Rodrigo LinfatiFix build on Qt-Creator
2011-07-28 Rodrigo LinfatiBackport of QGeo*InfoSourceMaemo5 and others fixes
2011-07-27 Rodrigo LinfatiEnable Daemon Option, submit for testing
2011-07-27 DeveloperLatitudeUpdater 0.1, fix the previous commit
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