Disable "save" button after file is saved because temp file is moved
[gps-tracker] / debian /
2010-07-03 Dr. Johann PfefferlDisable "save" button after file is saved because temp... master release-1.1-4
2010-06-23 Dr. Johann PfefferlCompilation error fixed release-1.1-3
2010-06-23 Dr. Johann PfefferlAssume "no fix" when the "fix" data structure is NULL release-1.1-2
2010-06-22 Dr. Johann PfefferlThe recorded waypoints are put at the end of the gpx... release-1.1-1
2010-06-17 Dr. Johann PfefferlReset the climb value to unknown if no fix is detected release-1.0-14
2010-06-17 Dr. Johann PfefferlRemoved debugging output release-1.0-13
2010-06-17 Dr. Johann PfefferlImproved the detection when a fix is really usable release-1.0-12
2010-06-07 Dr. Johann PfefferlShow the climb rate more precisely release-1.0-11
2010-06-01 Dr. Johann PfefferlExtended the tool to write more than one track segment release-1.0-10
2010-06-01 Dr. Johann PfefferlThe climb unit is "m/s" and not degrees
2010-05-30 Dr. Johann PfefferlSet initial speed to zero release-1.0-9
2010-05-30 Dr. Johann PfefferlFont of the GPS/track data changed
2010-05-30 Dr. Johann PfefferlAdded track name and description to the gpx file
2010-05-30 Dr. Johann PfefferlChanged name of application
2010-05-29 Dr. Johann PfefferlFloat output formats changed to less accuracy release-1.0-8
2010-05-29 Dr. Johann PfefferlMoved Start/Stop/Save button to bottom of screen
2010-05-26 Dr. Johann PfefferlIncremented the debian package number release-1.0-7
2010-05-26 Dr. Johann PfefferlUse monospace font to avoid jumping of the info data
2010-05-26 Dr. Johann PfefferlGPS/Track information display is rearranged release-1.0-6
2010-05-26 Dr. Johann PfefferlOutput formating of gps data changed
2010-05-26 Dr. Johann PfefferlChanged format of default output filename
2010-05-25 Dr. Johann PfefferlButton to set the marker only sensitive when tracking... release-1.0-4
2010-05-25 Dr. Johann PfefferlAdded support for marker setting
2010-05-25 Dr. Johann PfefferlDebian changelog file changed
2010-05-25 Dr. Johann PfefferlNew debian release release-1.0-3
2010-05-25 Dr. Johann PfefferlUpdated the debian changelog file release-1.0-2
2010-05-11 Dr. Johann PfefferlAdded a debian icon inside the control file
2010-05-11 Dr. Johann PfefferlInstall scalable icon
2010-05-11 Dr. Johann PfefferlInclude a hack to get the debian package installed
2010-05-11 Dr. Johann PfefferlCommented icon statement added
2010-05-11 Dr. Johann PfefferlDebianized the package