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last changeSat, 3 Jul 2010 09:36:54 +0000 (11:36 +0200)
2010-07-03 Dr. Johann... Disable "save" button after file is saved because temp... master release-1.1-4
2010-06-23 Dr. Johann... Compilation error fixed release-1.1-3
2010-06-23 Dr. Johann... Assume "no fix" when the "fix" data structure is NULL release-1.1-2
2010-06-22 Dr. Johann... The recorded waypoints are put at the end of the gpx... release-1.1-1
2010-06-17 Dr. Johann... Reset the climb value to unknown if no fix is detected release-1.0-14
2010-06-17 Dr. Johann... Removed debugging output release-1.0-13
2010-06-17 Dr. Johann... Improved the detection when a fix is really usable release-1.0-12
2010-06-16 Dr. Johann... Added a first web page
2010-06-07 Dr. Johann... Show the climb rate more precisely release-1.0-11
2010-06-01 Dr. Johann... Extended the tool to write more than one track segment release-1.0-10
2010-06-01 Dr. Johann... The climb unit is "m/s" and not degrees
2010-05-31 Dr. Johann... Deleted dummy file
2010-05-31 Dr. Johann... Merge branch 'master' of
2010-05-31 Dr. Johann... Welcome text added
2010-05-31 rootwelcome
2010-05-30 Dr. Johann... Set initial speed to zero release-1.0-9
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