Update to reflect api changes and small patch for alternate audio
[groove] / playlist.cpp
2011-01-05 Elias WoodsUpdate to reflect api changes and small patch for alter...
2010-07-22 EliasWoods@gmail.comUI bugfixes
2010-07-20 Elias Woods modified: bottombar.cpp
2010-07-01 Elias WoodsFixed download bug
2010-07-01 Elias WoodsMultiple download fix, Added pause button, Added next...
2010-06-26 Elias WoodsPlaylist support (basic) and download progress dialogs
2010-06-25 Elias WoodsFix immediate playback
2010-06-25 Elias Woodsthis will break all functionality for now
2010-06-24 Elias WoodsBegin phasing in playlist support
2010-06-17 Elias WoodsStart adding support for playlist and progress on downl...