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2011-01-07 Elias WoodsMerge branch 'master' of master
2011-01-07 Elias Woods deleted: Makefile
2011-01-07 Elias Woods deleted: Makefile
2011-01-06 Elias WoodsHopefully this fixes the progress bar on the autobuilder
2011-01-05 Eli Woods modified:
2011-01-05 Elias WoodsFix some buid issues on maemo, Also add some simple...
2011-01-05 Elias WoodsUpdate to reflect api changes and small patch for alter...
2010-09-23 Elias WoodsAdd updated version string to restore function.
2010-07-22 EliasWoods... UI bugfixes
2010-07-20 Elias Woods modified: bottombar.cpp
2010-07-16 Elias WoodsChanged vkb window title
2010-07-16 Elias Woods new file: debian-maemo.tar.gz
2010-07-16 Elias WoodsAdd QGraphicView Objects
2010-07-07 Elias WoodsAdd wm Icon
2010-07-07 Elias Woodsadd support icons
2010-07-07 Elias WoodsNew UI, Vkbd and unicode support
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