2010-05-26 Jan DumonUpdated changelog master
2010-05-26 Jan DumonBumped version to 0.0.4
2010-05-26 Jan DumonSwitched from qt4-maemo5 to qt4
2010-03-26 Jan DumonAdded 'gzip' to the user-agent.
2010-03-26 Jan DumonAdded a bunch of key shortcuts.
2010-03-17 Jan DumonUse system defined proxy. Doesn't seem to work...
2010-03-17 Jan DumonFirst steps of "All items". Disabled for now...
2010-03-17 Jan DumonSwitched to Google's new authentication method.
2010-03-17 Jan DumonFixed a few bugs introduced by switching to json.
2010-03-17 Jan DumonOpen links in an external browser
2010-03-11 Jan DumonOnly fetch entries we don't already fetched before.
2010-03-11 Jan DumonParse the feed content in the Feed class.
2010-03-11 Jan DumonSwitched from XML to JSON.
2010-03-05 Jan DumonFixed dependencies and .deb packaging. 0.0.3
2010-03-04 Jan DumonUpdated changelog
2010-03-04 Jan DumonBumped version to 0.0.3
2010-03-04 Jan DumonAdded very basic sharing functionality.
2010-03-03 Jan DumonUse a shorter time/date string.
2010-03-02 Jan DumonAdded handlers for nav & zoom keys.
2010-03-01 Jan DumonInitial import of the code.
2010-02-26 Jan Dumontest
2010-02-26 rootwelcome