save game query on exit if game is incomplete
[impuzzle] / src / gameview.cpp
2010-09-02 Timo Härkönensave game query on exit if game is incomplete
2010-05-26 timophPreventing too early interaction with puzzle pieces
2010-05-09 timophBug fixes
2010-04-24 timophNew initial view and adding about dialog
2010-04-23 timophNew shuffle implementation
2010-04-09 timophFine tuning save and restore and adding maemo5 style...
2010-03-27 timophSave and restore
2010-01-24 timophChanging default piece counts
2010-01-02 timophFixed all pieces movable after shuffle
2010-01-02 timophIntroItem, improved movement rules and move counting.
2010-01-01 timophBasic implementation