Include test coverage to makefile. Update translations.
[ipypbx] / ui /
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinHide extension.endpoint_id display for now
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinMake echo application the default dialplan
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinAdded gateway extension field
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinAdded extension field to gateway. Create server object...
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinFix capiatalization in UI file
2010-04-10 Stas ShtinAdded remaining controllers
2010-04-09 Stas ShtinFix widgets selection order
2010-04-09 Stas ShtinRestored UI generated by QTDesigner
2010-04-08 Stas ShtinConnections can be added and saved. Removed focus signa...
2010-04-08 Stas ShtinConnection adding implemented
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinRemoved clone button from UI at once
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinHide clone button for now
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinSet focus to first form field when Add button is clicked
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinCommiting existing code - mostly UI template from qtdes...