2010-04-20 Stas ShtinAdding support for DB access from unit tests
2010-04-20 Stas ShtinAdded unit tests. Added test for HTTP request parser.
2010-04-18 Stas ShtinAdded some comments
2010-04-18 Stas ShtinAdded user directory config generation. Not tested...
2010-04-18 Stas ShtinSofia.conf works with freeswitch
2010-04-16 Stas ShtinSofia.conf generation works
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinQueries for sofian.conf generator
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinMatch POST data, not headers
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinHide extension.endpoint_id display for now
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinConfig generator initialization fixed
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinCreate SQL tables initialization from Makefile
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinMore work on config generation. Added a workaround...
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinMake echo application the default dialplan
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinRestart config server when connection settings change
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinAdded gateway extension field
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinMakefile generates UI correctly
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinBegin implementing sofia.conf generation
2010-04-15 Stas ShtinAdded extension field to gateway. Create server object...
2010-04-14 Stas ShtinSuccessfully parsing HTTP requests from freeswitch
2010-04-14 Stas ShtinWe can get connection from FS now
2010-04-14 Stas ShtinConfig server fixes
2010-04-14 Stas ShtinParent name corrected
2010-04-14 Stas ShtinSyntax fix
2010-04-14 Stas ShtinRemoved unused stuff from connection constructor params...
2010-04-14 Stas ShtinAdded a simple parser for HTTP request. Can't find...
2010-04-13 Stas ShtinDelegates are used for FK display. NOTE: CORE DUMP...
2010-04-13 Stas ShtinForeign keys are working in object display views
2010-04-12 Stas ShtinAdd/edit all tables. Data gets save to DB at last\!
2010-04-12 Stas ShtinMakefile is more fine-grained now
2010-04-12 Stas ShtinUpdate translations
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinMark headers for translation
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinRun localization on controllers file
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinIgnore sphinx _build dir
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinSphinx-based documentation added
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinAdded binary for running app
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinFix capiatalization in UI file
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinUpdate translations
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinAdd comments to the makefile. Add convertion from PO...
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinAdded makefile for basic tasks
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinAdded django command for generating SQL tables creation...
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinFixes to table creation
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinAdded sphinx docs dir
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinTranslations ready for pootle
2010-04-11 Stas ShtinTranslations ready for pootle
2010-04-10 Stas ShtinAdded remaining controllers
2010-04-10 Stas ShtinMake IPyPBX work with SQL tables created by django...
2010-04-10 Stas ShtinAdded django application and a sample project for runni...
2010-04-09 Stas ShtinView display saving works! We now have the ability...
2010-04-09 Stas ShtinView list row selection works
2010-04-09 Stas ShtinFix widgets selection order
2010-04-09 Stas ShtinReplaced BaseController.add stub with working implement...
2010-04-09 Stas ShtinRestored UI generated by QTDesigner
2010-04-09 Stas ShtinAdded base controller class and implementation for...
2010-04-08 Stas ShtinHalfway rewriting to use QT MVC
2010-04-08 Stas ShtinConnections can be added and saved. Removed focus signa...
2010-04-08 Stas ShtinConnection adding implemented
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinRemoved clone button from UI at once
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinHide clone button for now
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinAdded initial code for controllers and network stuff
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinSet focus to first form field when Add button is clicked
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinSet focus to first form field when Add button is clicked
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinAdded Axiom models description
2010-04-07 Stas ShtinCommiting existing code - mostly UI template from qtdes...
2010-04-07 rootwelcome