Danish Eniro search fixed.
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2010-10-26 esheTemporary deb file added to web page.
2010-08-11 esheWeb page updated.
2010-07-22 esheSmall changed to about dialog, web page and control...
2010-07-18 esheSmall fix to Das Telefonbuch code.
2010-07-02 esheWeb page updated.
2010-06-17 esheAdded Norwegian translation, updated web page and updat...
2010-06-15 esheWeb page updated and homepage added to control file.
2010-06-14 esheFixed problems with special html characters and entitie...
2010-06-04 esheFavicon added to web page.
2010-06-04 esheWeb page updated.
2010-06-03 esheWeb page updated.
2010-06-02 esheAdded new screenshot to web page.
2010-05-29 esheWeb site updated and some additions made in control...
2010-04-18 esheAdded send sms button to detail window and better error...
2010-04-17 esheAdded uniform buttons on all dialogs and a website.