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2010-12-22 esheDanish Eniro search fixed. master
2010-12-02 eshe...
2010-12-02 esheCopyright file added.
2010-12-02 esheChangelog updated.
2010-10-15 esheFixed log window not to have horizontal scrollbars.
2010-10-30 esheChangelog updated.
2010-10-30 esheSmall fix to contact parsing.
2010-10-26 esheTemporary deb file added to web page.
2010-10-26 esheAdded option to skip the leading zero of an incoming...
2010-10-24 esheFinnish Eniro search fixed. Changelog updated. Some...
2010-08-23 esheChangelog updated.
2010-08-20 esheChanged search to retry automatically couple of times...
2010-08-20 esheSome fixes to connection manager.
2010-08-19 esheChangelog updated.
2010-08-19 esheFixed some issues with special characters and adding...
2010-08-17 esheOne more fix to connection handling.
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