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2010-12-02 eshe... master
2010-10-16 esheCopyright file added.
2010-10-15 esheDetail screen font switched to same it was before PR1.3.
2010-10-26 esheSmall change to text element.
2010-10-15 esheAdded POI text field. Some tuning to detail screen...
2010-10-21 esheChangelog updated.
2010-10-21 esheFixed a bug that caused altitude display to have wrong...
2010-10-15 esheAdded altitude display to detail screen. Added option...
2010-08-28 esheTheme download link fixed in web page.
2010-08-28 esheAdded new theme to web page.
2010-08-13 esheWeb page updated.
2010-08-13 esheChanged feet to show as ft and raised maximum poi alert...
2010-08-12 esheDocumented missing special fields to web page.
2010-08-12 esheChangelog updated to newest version.
2010-08-12 esheChanged default and white themes to show a speed camera...
2010-07-27 esheWeb page updated.
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