Release 0.4.3-3maemo with patches to disable menus/actions, add ScrollArea and fix...
[keepassx] / debian /
2011-01-23 Yves MartinRelease 0.4.3-3maemo with patches to disable menus... master
2011-01-23 Yves MartinUpgrade to 0.4.3 base on merge from mainstream branch
2011-01-23 Yves MartinImport 0.4.3 version in mainstream branch mainstream
2009-12-16 Timothy RedaelliRevert changelog
2009-12-16 Timothy RedaelliAdd libxi-dev to Build-Depends
2009-12-15 Timothy RedaelliFix .desktop file path
2009-12-15 Timothy RedaelliInitial commit