2012-01-04 Dennis Groenenupdate debian/changelog master
2012-01-04 Dennis Groenenmake kernel-bfs-flasher provide kernel-feature-overclock
2012-01-04 Dennis Groenenkernel-power git -> kernel-bfs
2011-11-15 Dennis Groenenno need to duplicate kernel-power's kernel-power-settings
2011-11-15 Dennis Groenenupdate debian/changelog
2011-11-15 Dennis Groenendisable cpufreq_earlyload.diff, we do not want 1150Mhz...
2011-11-06 Dennis Groenenfix missed kernel-power reference
2011-11-06 Dennis Groenenupdate debian/changelog
2011-11-06 Dennis Groenenkernel-power v49 -> kernel-bfs
2011-09-30 Dennis Groenenupdate debian/changelog
2011-09-30 Dennis Groenenadd temporary toggleable version of i2c-battery.diff...
2011-09-30 Dennis GroenenBackported UBIFS patches by Peter Hunt
2011-09-28 Dennis Groenenupdate debian/changelog
2011-09-28 Dennis Groenenkernel-power v49 -> kernel-bfs
2011-09-12 Dennis Groenenremove "ported by" message, except for in the original...
2011-09-12 Dennis Groeneninitial check-in of kp49 work (up to commit date)
2011-09-11 Dennis Groenenrevert to BFS v0.330
2011-09-11 Dennis Groenenupdate maintainer in debian/control
2011-09-11 Dennis Groenenseveral cosmetic changes
2011-09-03 Dennis Groenenmake kernel-bfs-flasher conflict with kernel-power...
2011-09-03 Dennis Groenenpull in kernel-power's new kernel-power-settings (0.12)
2011-08-31 Dennis Groenenfix hunk locations in bfs-tidy_up_resched.patch
2011-08-29 Peter HuntMinor changes to sequential BFS patches in line with...
2011-08-29 Peter HuntBFS prerequisites and tidy up of resched functions
2011-08-29 Peter HuntRebased patch to compile against BFS 0.330+
2011-08-23 Dennis Groenenupdate rx51-bfs_defconfig to reflect changes in kernel...
2011-08-23 Dennis Groenenkernel-power v48 -> kernel-bfs
2011-08-23 Dennis GroenenClean up patch dir; synchronize patches with kernel...
2011-08-12 Peter HuntChanges to series and rx51_defconfig file for BFQ
2011-08-12 tigeriteAdd the BFQ I/O scheduler (v2 r1) to 2.6.28; increase...
2011-06-02 Peter HuntCompile deadline and anticipatory I/O schedulers as...
2011-06-02 Peter HuntCritical and minor fixes for -ck swappiness patches...
2011-05-31 Peter HuntUpdate for earlier 330->350 patch: make it resemble...
2011-05-30 Peter HuntAdd a new syscall latnice for "latency nice" with 4...
2011-05-30 Peter HuntUpdates to -ck series/patches to reflect BFS 404 change...
2011-05-26 Peter HuntAnother patchset from CK to lighten vm load
2011-05-26 Peter HuntA couple more patches from CK for BFS
2011-05-25 Peter HuntFix for class 10 SD cards (set DTO to 14)
2011-05-25 Peter HuntSeveral kernel patches by Con Kolivas to compliment...
2011-05-25 Peter Hunt.. and this time with the diff included
2011-05-25 Peter Huntrolled up fixes for ext4 from 2.6.30, sourced from...
2011-05-25 Peter Hunt.. but after zImage is generated (doh)
2011-05-25 Peter HuntGenerate and save uImage during compile process
2011-05-25 Peter HuntIncrease CONFIG_HZ to 300 (minimum recommended for...
2011-05-25 Peter HuntBFS 401 -> 404
2011-05-25 tigeriteBFS 401 update to hierarchical tree based penalty patch...
2011-05-13 Dennis Groenenkernel-power v47 -> kernel-bfs
2011-05-13 Dennis Groenenadd Reiser4 filesystem support
2011-05-13 Dennis Groenendisable bluetooth patch from kernel-power v46 as it...
2011-04-27 Dennis Groenenget rid of strip_cfs_nokia_pr13.diff; should've done...
2011-04-26 Dennis Groenenbfs 400 -> 401
2011-04-16 Dennis Groenensmall fix in the BFS v0.400 patch
2011-04-12 Peter Huntseries updated to bring BFS version up to 400
2011-04-12 Peter Huntthis time with the patches actually included (and prope...
2011-04-12 useradded compcache patch for notification of freed pages...
2011-04-10 Dennis Groenenbfs 363 -> 400, fix BFS documentation
2011-01-28 Dennis Groenenallow the bleeding-edge wl1251 driver to be build
2011-01-28 Dennis Groenenadd nandsim patch to make the nandsim module useful
2011-01-28 Dennis Groenenadd anti I/O stalling patch by Adam Polkosnik (disabled...
2011-01-11 Dennis Groenenbfs 357 -> 363, kernel-power v46 -> kernel-bfs
2011-01-11 Dennis Groenenkernel-power v45 -> kernel-bfs
2011-01-11 Dennis Groenenkernel-power v42 -> kernel-bfs, doh! forgot adding...
2011-01-11 Dennis Groenenkernel-power v42 -> kernel-bfs
2011-01-11 Dennis Groenenbfs 350 -> 357, kernel-power v41 -> kernel-bfs
2010-10-12 Corey O'Connoroops. remove dependency on kernel-power
2010-10-12 Corey O'Connordon't use modprobe.d/blacklist. Use a more specific...
2010-10-12 Corey O'Connorusing vpforce might cause GPS failures
2010-10-04 Corey O'Connormore rename propogation
2010-10-04 Corey O'Connorupdate changelog
2010-10-04 Corey O'Connorpropogate the rename through
2010-10-04 Corey O'Connorrename various files
2010-10-04 Corey O'Connorrename kernel-power folder to kernel-bfs.
2010-10-04 Corey O'Connorremoving unused kernel-maemo files
2010-10-03 Corey O'ConnorCleanup build script. Basic documentation
2010-10-01 Corey O'Connorenable vp force voltage scaling
2010-09-30 Corey O'ConnorMerge ssh://
2010-09-30 rootwelcome
2010-09-30 Corey O'Connorfixup: raw_spinlock is only spinlock in 2.6.28
2010-09-30 Corey O'Connorbfs 330 -> 350 now applies cleanly. No compile test yet
2010-09-30 Corey O'Connoradd sched_reset_on_fork patch. more bfs 330 -> 250...
2010-09-27 Corey O'Connoradding initial BFS 330 to 350 patch
2010-09-02 Corey O'Connorupdating voltage scaling patch to compile along with...
2010-09-02 Corey O'Connoradding patch for BFS 318 to 330
2010-09-02 Corey O'Connoradding BFS 316 to 318 patch
2010-08-30 Corey O'ConnorMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-09 Thomas Tannerv40
2010-08-06 Corey O'Connorremoving using of the lumpy_reclaim_mode in several...
2010-08-06 Corey O'Connorupdating issue_12309 patch
2010-08-04 Corey O'Connoradding patch proposed to resolve kbug 12309
2010-08-04 Corey O'Connorenable CONFIG_ARM_ERRATA_430973
2010-08-04 Corey O'Connorcorrecting armthumb patch
2010-08-04 Corey O'Connoradding armthumb patch to series
2010-08-04 Corey O'Connorupdating BFS version to 2.6.28-maemo39
2010-08-04 Corey O'ConnorMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-03 Thomas Tannerversion 39 + missing v38 commits
2010-08-03 Thomas Tannerv38 final
2010-07-28 Corey O'Connoradding simple script to build the debian files from git
2010-07-23 Corey O'Connorrefreshing vpforce patches
2010-07-23 Corey O'ConnorAdding vpforce voltage scaling method patches
2010-07-21 Corey O'Connor-