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last changeSun, 11 Sep 2011 14:22:44 +0000 (17:22 +0300)
2011-09-11 Heli HyvättinenUpdated web pages due to 0.4.0 being released master
2011-09-04 Heli HyvättinenRules file now works with publisher wizard again v0.4.0
2011-08-28 Heli HyvättinenCleanup
2011-08-21 Heli HyvättinenSticky timers are loaded with zero timer at startup
2011-08-14 Heli HyvättinenRemoved debian folder as obsolete
2011-08-14 Heli HyvättinenRe-inserting stuff that got lost when moving changelog...
2011-08-14 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'qtcreatorpackaging'
2011-08-14 Heli HyvättinenSound installs, desktopfile works, icon is there
2011-08-14 Heli HyvättinenMerge branch 'sticky2'
2011-08-14 Heli HyvättinenStopped timers now show full time and "stopped"
2011-08-14 Heli HyvättinenAdded sticky alerts
2011-08-14 Heli HyvättinenWeb page: current version no longer called "new"
2011-08-14 Heli Hyvättinenpackaging files for QtCreator added
2011-06-26 Heli HyvättinenTimer can now tell where it was loaded from
2011-06-26 Heli HyvättinenTimer now knows where it was loaded from
2011-06-20 Heli HyvättinenUpdated the info text shown when updating & web page
10 years ago v0.4.0 Version 0.4.0 as released in extras...
10 years ago master