2011-02-10 Philipp ZabelDebian packaging: 0.0.5-1 master
2011-02-10 Philipp ZabelTransifex setup update, Italian translation
2011-02-10 Philipp ZabelFix the color widget's cairo arc draw calls
2011-02-10 Philipp ZabelUpdate the LED pattern helper to use a more robust...
2011-02-10 Philipp ZabelAdd PatternInhibit support
2010-10-31 Pavel FricCzech translation update (via transifex.net)
2010-10-31 Ricardo A.... Spanish translation (via transifex.net)
2010-08-24 Philipp ZabelGerman translation update
2010-08-24 Philipp ZabelMake the Help button translatable
2010-08-24 Philipp ZabelTranslate control panel entry via desktop file
2010-08-24 Philipp ZabelFix Makefile.am
2010-08-24 Marko VertainenFinnish translation (via transifex.net)
2010-08-15 Pavel FricCzech translation (via transifex.net)
2010-08-10 Philipp ZabelUse autotools and intltools, translate user interface...
2010-08-10 Philipp ZabelImprove error handling and reporting in the LED pattern...
2010-08-10 Philipp ZabelRemove the scary message before saving mce.ini
2010-05-27 Philipp ZabelDebian packaging: 0.0.4-1 v0.0.4
2010-05-27 Philipp ZabelAdd a help button and a button to restore original...
2010-05-27 Philipp ZabelAdapt MCE INI parser for RX44
2010-05-27 Philipp ZabelMake LED pattern an abstract class, abstract parse...
2010-05-27 Philipp ZabelUse LedPattern instead of LedPatternRX51 in LED pattern...
2010-05-27 Philipp ZabelAdd LED pattern class for RX44
2010-05-11 Philipp ZabelDebian packaging: 0.0.3-1 v0.0.3
2010-05-11 Philipp ZabelAdd paste functionality, copy & paste via Ctrl+C and...
2010-05-11 Philipp ZabelMake LED pattern parser return success or failure
2010-05-11 Philipp ZabelAdd LED pattern button class, display pattern duration...
2010-04-27 Philipp ZabelUpdate for Vala 0.8.0
2010-03-04 Philipp ZabelFix bug tracker entry
2010-03-01 Philipp ZabelLED program dialog: add a Copy button to copy pattern...
2010-03-01 Philipp ZabelDebian packaging: force update of the control panel...
2010-03-01 Philipp ZabelMake Gtk.HScales step in increments of 1 instead of 10
2010-03-01 Philipp ZabelFix Ramp / Wait edit dialog initialisation for long...
2010-02-28 Philipp ZabelDebian packaging: 0.0.2-1 v0.0.2
2010-02-28 Philipp ZabelAdd support for second pattern engine to helper program
2010-02-28 Philipp ZabelSeveral updates - added support for second pattern...
2010-02-28 Philipp ZabelAdd OFF state to LedColor
2010-02-27 Philipp ZabelAlign with the LP5521 datasheet
2010-02-27 Philipp ZabelLED color widget: fix the clipping circle
2010-02-27 Philipp ZabelAdd dependency on osso-icons-default for the control...
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelDebian packaging: 0.0.1-1 v0.0.1
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelLED program dialog: add LED color button
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelUse LED pattern helper to test LED patterns
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelUse the LED pattern helper to overwrite mce.ini and...
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelAdd LED color widgets
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelAdd LED command widget
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelAdd sudo configuration for LED pattern helper
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelAdd LED pattern helper
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelAdd LED program dialog
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelLED pattern dialog: add LED pattern view to buttons
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelAdd LED pattern view
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelAdd LED pattern dialog
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelAdd mce.ini parser
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelAdd LED pattern class for RX51
2010-02-24 Philipp ZabelInitial commit: control panel plugin skeleton
2010-02-22 Philipp ZabelRemove welcome file
2010-02-22 rootwelcome