2012-07-06 Gustavo Sverzut... announce project is moving outside of garage.maemo.org master
2010-09-23 Eduardo Lima... New release
2009-08-05 Eduardo Lima... Added ogg plugin as dependency of plugins-all metapackage
2009-08-05 Eduardo Lima... Removed unecessary install files
2009-05-06 barbieriadd missing dependencies: pkg-config and libtool.
2009-05-06 lfelipefixed missing build-dependency for lightmediascanner...
2009-05-06 lfelipechanged debian/compat to 6 in order to fix issues with...
2009-04-24 rclbelemUpdated debian stuff
2009-04-23 barbieriadd new api docs.
2009-04-23 barbieriremove old apis, will add new later
2009-04-23 barbierinew files for 0.3.0 release
2008-10-06 etrunkoUpdated package versions
2008-10-06 etrunkoUpdate package version
2008-10-05 barbieriOops, fix links to tarballs.
2008-10-05 barbieriRelease and update docs.
2008-09-30 barbieriUpdate links
2008-07-17 etrunkodebian/control: Updated dependency info.
2008-07-17 etrunkoTry to guess the target device automatically
2008-05-14 etrunkoUpdated python-setuptools dependency info
2008-05-05 etrunkoUpdated liblightmediascanner dependency info
2008-05-05 etrunkoUpdated changelog
2008-05-05 etrunkoBuild ogg plugin
2008-05-05 etrunkoUpdated changelog
2008-02-25 etrunkoUpdate lightmediascanner package version
2008-02-25 etrunkoUpdate package version
2008-02-22 barbieriUpdate page to remove references to removed svn
2008-02-22 barbieriDeprecated python-lightmediascanner svn.
2008-02-22 barbieriDeprecated lightmediascanner svn.
2008-02-22 etrunkoUpdated package version
2008-02-22 barbieriFix support for ID3v2.2.
2008-02-21 etrunkoUpdated lightmediascanner dependency info
2008-02-21 etrunkoUpdated package version
2008-02-20 etrunkoUpdated package version
2008-02-20 barbieriMerge commit 'andrunko/master'
2008-02-20 barbieriAdded TODO.
2008-02-15 barbieriMerge commit 'andrunko/master'
2008-02-15 barbieriFixed _to_uint method.
2008-02-15 barbieriFix debug messages, show scanned path.
2008-02-14 barbieriMerge branch 'master' of git://staff.get-e.org/users...
2008-02-14 barbieriAdd Andre and Renato to AUTHORS.
2008-02-14 barbieriImproved _find_id3v2 method.
2008-02-14 barbieriImproved mp3 support.
2008-02-14 barbieriRemoved supported extensions from audio dummy.
2008-02-14 barbieriAdded flac plugin.
2008-02-14 barbieriDebug.
2008-02-14 barbieriParse m4a files using mp4 plugin.
2008-02-14 barbieriUse lseek to discard frames.
2008-02-14 barbieriAdded aac plugin.
2008-02-08 barbieriFix typo
2008-02-08 barbieriProvide means to avoid check and fallback creation...
2008-02-08 barbieriogg.c: Minor coding style fixes
2008-02-08 barbieriImprove code reusage: string strip and free functions.
2008-02-08 barbieriBugfix in jpeg plugin to avoid missing header frame...
2008-02-08 barbieriAlso copy trailing \0
2008-02-01 barbieriRemove debug
2008-02-01 barbieriMerge git://staff.get-e.org/users/andrunko/lightmediasc...
2008-02-01 etrunkoUpdate package version
2008-02-01 etrunkoUpdate changelog
2008-02-01 barbieriAdd .flac to audio-dummy
2008-02-01 barbieriRequest POSIX_FADV_DONTNEED
2008-02-01 barbieriRequest POSIX_FADV_DONTNEED, now correct
2008-02-01 etrunkoUpdate dependency info for lightmediascanner-plugins...
2008-02-01 barbieriRequest POSIX_FADV_DONTNEED
2008-02-01 barbieriMinor warning cleanups
2008-02-01 barbieriAdded real media plugin.
2008-02-01 etrunkoBuild lightmediascanner0-rm package
2008-01-31 etrunkoAdded lightmediascanner0-asf package to debian/control.
2008-01-31 barbieriDo just one lseek where possible.
2008-01-31 barbieriRemove ASF compiler warnings.
2008-01-31 barbieriBug fixes.
2008-01-31 barbieriRemoved wma from audio-dummy and wmv from video-dummy.
2008-01-31 barbieriRemoved some memory leaks and some coding style fixes.
2008-01-31 barbieriAdded some documentation.
2008-01-31 barbieriAdded asf/wma/wmv plugin.
2008-01-31 barbieriAdd missing prototype
2008-01-29 barbieriBetter handling of strings that failed encoding.
2008-01-29 barbieriFunction to forcefully convert to some charset.
2008-01-24 etrunkoUpdate packages versions
2008-01-23 takRuby example code
2008-01-23 barbieriSay that users will access scanned data through SQLite3.
2008-01-23 barbieriDirect link to ruby SVN
2008-01-22 barbieriSet len to 0 if string is empty.
2008-01-22 barbieriFix problem with SubIFD in Exif.
2008-01-22 barbieriCheck for zero-padded strings.
2008-01-22 barbieriGet both lead artist and band, use in order: band,...
2008-01-22 barbieriCosmetic simplification.
2008-01-17 barbieriJust get "lead artist" (TPE1), don't try others.
2008-01-03 takRuby API docs.
2008-01-03 takDoc updates, and small fix for Parser.
2008-01-02 takUpdated documentation formatting
2008-01-02 takRuby binding
2007-12-24 barbieriAdd PNG image support (just size)
2007-12-24 barbieriAdd audio-dummy to build.
2007-12-21 barbieriAdd audio-dummy with missing audio formats.
2007-12-21 barbieriAdd .wmv to video-dummy.
2007-12-20 etrunkoUpdated packaging system
2007-12-17 barbieriAdd copyright to all files.
2007-12-17 barbieriAdd copyright to all source files.
2007-12-17 barbieriConsider DQT frame as JFIF (ignore and get just the...
2007-12-17 barbieriAlso get size from other SOF (progressive, extended...