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last changeSun, 27 Jun 2010 14:30:46 +0000 (16:30 +0200)
2010-06-27 Simón PenaAdded maevies service support master
2010-06-27 Simón PenaImproved project build
2010-06-27 Simón PenaMisc code fixes
2010-06-27 Simón PenaAdded debian packaging infrastructure
2010-06-26 Simón PenaProject build improvements
2010-06-22 Simón Penaui: Added webkit view
2010-06-20 Simón Penaui: Added support for displaying WATC service results
2010-06-20 Simón PenaFixed WATC movie service interface
2010-06-20 Simón Penaminfo-provider-service: Added WATC movie service
2010-06-20 Simón PenaFixed test to support signals carrying service
2010-06-20 Simón Penatmdb-movie-service: Fixed function declarations
2010-06-20 Simón Penawatc-movie-service: Added WATC movie service
2010-06-20 Simón PenaFixed function name
2010-06-20 Simón PenaInitial support for multiple query services
2010-06-20 Simón PenaStarted support for WATC on provider
2010-06-20 Simón Penaui: Improved image fetching
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