Small clean of subtitles applet code.
[mafwsubrenderer] / qmafw-gst-subtitles-renderer /
2011-06-27 Roman MoravcikSmall clean of subtitles applet code.
2011-06-27 Roman MoravcikAdded new Harmattan icon for qmafw-gst-subtitles-applet.
2011-06-27 Roman MoravcikFixed cleanup of qmafw-gst-subtitles-renderer package
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikFixed qmafw-gst-subtitles-applet dependency
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikAdded qmafw-gst-subtitles-applet package
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikRemoved applet from SUBDIRS
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikAdded DUI control panel applet
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikUpdated default configuration file
2011-06-23 Roman MoravcikAdded qmafw-gst-subtitles-renderer-0.0.55 for Meego...