2011-06-27 Roman MoravcikMacro qtTrIdx() replaced by tr() and QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP() master
2011-06-27 Roman MoravcikAdded build depedencies for subtitles applet.
2011-06-27 Roman MoravcikSmall clean of subtitles applet code.
2011-06-27 Roman MoravcikAdded new Harmattan icon for qmafw-gst-subtitles-applet.
2011-06-27 Roman MoravcikFixed cleanup of qmafw-gst-subtitles-renderer package
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikAdded missing files from gst-plugins-base0.10_0.10...
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikAdded missing files from gst-plugins-base0.10_0.10...
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikAdded suffix to gst-plugins-base-subtitles0.10 version...
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikFixed qmafw-gst-subtitles-applet dependency
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikAdded qmafw-gst-subtitles-applet package
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikRemoved applet from SUBDIRS
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikAdded DUI control panel applet
2011-06-24 Roman MoravcikUpdated default configuration file
2011-06-23 Roman MoravcikAdded qmafw-gst-subtitles-renderer-0.0.55 for Meego...
2011-06-23 Roman MoravcikAdded gst-plugins-base-subtitles0.10-0.10.34 for Meego...
2011-06-23 Roman MoravcikSource tree moved to mafw-gst-subtitles-renderer directory.
2010-10-26 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.3.2010.24-1+0m5-2) 0.3.2010.24-1+0m5-2
2010-10-26 Roman MoravcikFixed Bug: 6438: Plugin makes background music stop...
2010-10-25 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.3.2010.24-1+0m5-1) 0.3.2010.24-1+0m5-1
2010-10-25 Roman MoravcikPackage updated to version mafw-gst-renderer-0.3.2010...
2010-07-20 Roman MoravcikFixed crash of applet when encoding "Arabic (ISO-8859...
2010-05-25 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.2.2010.07-2+0m5-3)
2010-05-25 Roman MoravcikThis package should depend on gstreamer0.10-plugins...
2010-05-18 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.2.2010.07-2+0m5-2) 0.2.2010.07-2+0m5-2
2010-05-18 Roman MoravcikDisable/enable mafw-gst-renderer after installation...
2010-05-18 Roman Moravcikmafw-gst-subtitles-renderer is not anymore replacement
2010-05-05 Roman MoravcikPackage updated to version mafw-gst-renderer-0.2.2010... 0.2.2010.07-2+0m5-1
2010-04-21 mikuul10n: Updated Finnish (fi) translation to 100%
2010-04-12 Roman MoravcikAdded Hungarian translation by Gyorgy Lakatos.
2010-02-21 Gyorgy Lakatosl10n: Updates to Hungarian (hu) translation
2010-02-21 Gyorgy Lakatosl10n: done
2010-02-16 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-5) 0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-5
2010-02-16 Roman MoravcikAdded Danish and Finnish translations
2010-02-16 Roman MoravcikRenamed Finnish translation file (fi_FI->fi)
2010-02-02 Marko Vertainenl10n: First submit for Finnish translation.
2010-02-01 Joe Hansenl10n: new danish translation
2010-01-27 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-4) 0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-4
2010-01-27 Roman MoravcikBackup/restore original mafw-gst-renderer on installati...
2010-01-27 Roman MoravcikAdded German translation by pH5
2010-01-20 pH5l10n: Added German translation
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-3) 0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-3
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikUpdating of mafw-gst-subtitles-applet package was not...
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikRemoved extra bracket from my email in Maintainer field
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-2) 0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-2
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikRemoved mafw-gst-subtitles-applet postinst/postrm scrip...
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikCleanup of list of fonts, that are filtrated
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikSort alphabetically list of encodings
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikMake font touch selector more finger friendly
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikAdded more Font sizes
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikFixed typo in my name in Slovak translation file
2010-01-19 Roman MoravcikAdded Czech translation
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikAdded missing build dependency to hildon-control-panel-dev 0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-1
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-0) 0.1.2009.47-1+0m5-0
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikFixed package debug package name
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikSeparated control panel applet
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikRemoved extra comma
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikAdded copyright notice
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikUnset suburi playbin property if autoload_subtitles...
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikChanged gconf path (/system/mafw/mafw-gst-renderer ->
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikUpdated translations
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikAdded touch font selector dialog
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikAdded localization support to control panel applet
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikCreated fork of mafw-gst-renderer with subtitles support
2010-01-18 Roman MoravcikImported mafw-gst-renderer_0.1.2009.47-1+0m5
2010-01-18 rootwelcome