2012-12-18 Bernhard Beschowupdate plugins marble-1.5 master
2012-12-18 Bernhard Beschowdon't patch sources during build marble-1.4
2012-12-18 Bernhard Beschowpass DEB_SRCDIR to cmake
2012-12-18 Bernhard Beschowsort plugins alphabetically
2012-11-01 Bernhard Beschowbreak long line
2012-08-29 Dennis NienhüserUpdate changelog
2012-08-15 Dennis NienhüserBuild Release type, not Debug
2012-08-12 Dennis NienhüserUpdate the news a bit, which got pretty much out of...
2012-08-12 Dennis NienhüserUpdates for KDE/4.9
2012-02-19 Dennis NienhüserInstall public transport map.
2012-02-10 Dennis NienhüserDisable elevation profile float item for now (segfaults)
2011-12-08 Dennis NienhüserCommitted upstream.
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserSomething is wrong here
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserMove conflicts field to the correct section
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserInstall speaker files
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserInstall new plugins
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserElevation model needs srtm2 theme.
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserInstall osm base tile in the cache dir.
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserConflict with that faulty monav-routing-daemon version...
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserDon't skip texture layers without base tiles, try downl...
2011-08-04 Dennis Nienhüserbe more precise
2011-08-04 Dennis NienhüserAdd installation instructions
2011-06-22 Dennis Nienhüserupdate patches, remove opencyclemap
2011-06-19 Dennis Nienhüserupdate galleries, announce contest
2011-06-19 Dennis NienhüserAdd gallery with new screenshots, remove some older...
2011-06-19 Dennis Nienhüserno links, timed
2011-06-19 Dennis NienhüserAdd desktop summit page
2011-06-07 Dennis NienhüserRefresh range check patch
2011-06-07 Dennis NienhüserAdd dependencies to ogg packages.
2011-05-25 Dennis Nienhüserversion updates
2011-05-24 Dennis NienhüserAdd opencyclemap to marble-maps package.
2011-05-04 Dennis Nienhüserinclude local osm search plugin
2011-04-16 Dennis Nienhüsersmaller placemark file is now activated by the MOBILE...
2011-04-15 Dennis Nienhüsermention the new version marble-1.1
2011-04-15 Dennis NienhüserMaemo specific changelog.
2011-04-15 Dennis Nienhüserupdate changelog
2011-04-15 Dennis NienhüserAnnounce migration, optional cancelling.
2011-04-12 Dennis NienhüserRemove the now obsolete tracking dialog patch
2011-03-31 Dennis Nienhüsermention new version 1.0.1
2011-03-31 Dennis NienhüserMinor changes needed to run on the N900
2011-03-31 Dennis NienhüserInstall audio files
2011-03-28 Dennis NienhüserMigration script in postinst to use a shared openstreet...
2011-02-20 Dennis NienhüserUse XSBC-Maemo-Display-Name field for user visible...
2011-02-01 Dennis NienhüserVersion 1.0.0 updates
2011-01-21 Dennis NienhüserUpdate changelog, move older entries to new file change...
2011-01-21 Dennis NienhüserCorrectly update the tracking diff with the patches...
2011-01-21 Dennis NienhüserUpdate patches: fastmercator is checked in now, globe...
2011-01-10 Dennis Nienhüsermention tracking improvements
2011-01-09 Dennis NienhüserUpdate tracking diff with patches from trunk
2011-01-09 Dennis NienhüserUpdate websites.
2011-01-06 Dennis NienhüserPartly revert 3e596c4f94cba9087e4c6709712733151fd5bff3...
2011-01-04 Dennis Nienhüserless strict version checks for dependencies, hopefully...
2011-01-04 Dennis Nienhüserupdate hillshading location
2011-01-03 Dennis Nienhüserimprove the table layout a bit
2011-01-03 Dennis Nienhüserupdate websites
2011-01-03 Dennis NienhüserMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-02 Dennis NienhüserUpdate package descriptions.
2011-01-02 Dennis NienhüserUse an unversioned dependency to marble to avoid upgrad...
2010-12-31 Dennis NienhüserInstall clouds, hikebikemap and osmarender
2010-12-31 Dennis NienhüserRemove fastmercator patch, been backported. Add patch...
2010-12-28 Dennis NienhüserRemove qtmobility dependency
2010-12-28 Dennis NienhüserUse $HOME instead of /home/user. Refresh hunks.
2010-12-28 Dennis NienhüserEnable inhibit screensaver plugin building
2010-12-23 Dennis NienhüserRemove the distanceUnit config entries. There's no...
2010-12-21 Dennis NienhüserFix build depends screwup
2010-12-21 Dennis NienhüserAdd XSBC-Bugtracker entries required by Maemo packages...
2010-12-19 Dennis NienhüserRC1 updates
2010-12-19 Dennis NienhüserStreamline build dependencies.
2010-12-19 Dennis NienhüserForgot to include QtMainWindow.cpp in the patch
2010-12-19 Dennis NienhüserAdd more patches
2010-12-19 Dennis NienhüserRemove lintian overrides. Remove desktop and service...
2010-12-19 Dennis NienhüserSwitch to debhelper 5, standard 3.9.1
2010-12-14 Dennis NienhüserInstall language files. Increase dependency version.
2010-12-11 Dennis Nienhüserincrease marble-data dependency version due to cityplac...
2010-12-11 Dennis NienhüserUse the reduced placemark file. This doubles rendering...
2010-12-11 Dennis NienhüserPass LD_LIBRARY_PATH to dh_shlibs
2010-12-08 Dennis Nienhüseradjust table layout
2010-12-08 Dennis NienhüserDefault projection should be mercator. Chown config...
2010-12-08 Dennis NienhüserUpdate websites for 1.0 Beta 2
2010-12-06 Dennis NienhüserUpdate dependencies.
2010-12-05 Dennis Nienhüserupdate known issues (icons improved)
2010-12-04 Dennis NienhüserUpdate known issues.
2010-12-04 Dennis NienhüserUpgrade old default values to new ones.
2010-12-04 Dennis NienhüserDo not install all plugins by default. Remove the ones...
2010-11-30 Dennis NienhüserAdd footer and known issues section.
2010-11-29 Dennis Nienhüserfix link
2010-11-29 Dennis Nienhüserlink to the tutorial video
2010-11-24 Dennis NienhüserUpdate version number. Link to development packages.
2010-11-24 Dennis NienhüserAdd instructions to install development packages
2010-10-11 Dennis NienhüserMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-11 Dennis Nienhüserforward command line parameters to marble, useful e...
2010-10-05 Dennis NienhüserCenter div, add version info.
2010-09-13 Dennis NienhüserSplit the graphic up into two images
2010-09-01 Dennis NienhüserSwitch to stable.install on (same content).
2010-08-30 Dennis NienhüserLink to the first release.
2010-08-29 Dennis NienhüserRelease target for cmake, change XDG data home. Please...
2010-08-08 Bastian HolstUpdated changelog to the current svn version.
2010-04-19 Dennis Nienhüserchange package description
2010-04-18 Dennis NienhueserImprove dependencies and description
2010-04-12 Dennis Nienhüseradd new file