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last changeTue, 18 Dec 2012 12:40:49 +0000 (13:40 +0100)
2012-12-18 Bernhard Beschowupdate plugins marble-1.5 master
2012-12-18 Bernhard Beschowdon't patch sources during build marble-1.4
2012-12-18 Bernhard Beschowpass DEB_SRCDIR to cmake
2012-12-18 Bernhard Beschowsort plugins alphabetically
2012-11-01 Bernhard Beschowbreak long line
2012-08-29 Dennis NienhüserUpdate changelog
2012-08-15 Dennis NienhüserBuild Release type, not Debug
2012-08-12 Dennis NienhüserUpdate the news a bit, which got pretty much out of...
2012-08-12 Dennis NienhüserUpdates for KDE/4.9
2012-02-19 Dennis NienhüserInstall public transport map.
2012-02-10 Dennis NienhüserDisable elevation profile float item for now (segfaults)
2011-12-08 Dennis NienhüserCommitted upstream.
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserSomething is wrong here
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserMove conflicts field to the correct section
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserInstall speaker files
2011-12-04 Dennis NienhüserInstall new plugins
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8 years ago marble-1.4
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11 years ago 4.5
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