2010-06-25 tanyaadded english localization master
2010-06-25 Max Usachevadded search results label
2010-06-24 Max Usachevcorrected package dependencies
2010-06-24 Max Usachevcorrected python version in start script
2010-06-24 Max Usachevadded build package script
2010-06-24 Max Usachevfixed conflicts with master
2010-06-24 Max Usachevfixed bugs with configuration dialogs (removed localiza...
2010-06-24 Max Usachevfixed bugs with configuration dialogs (removed localiza...
2010-06-24 Max Usachevfixed bugs with imports (removed localization dependency)
2010-06-24 Max Usachevupdated program version
2010-06-24 Max Usachevremoved hardcode
2010-06-24 Max Usachevupdated icons
2010-06-24 Max Usachevremoved the second level widgets
2010-06-24 Max Usachevupdated localization
2010-06-23 tanyaadded files
2010-06-23 tanyaadded new files
2010-06-23 tanyarenamed interfaces
2010-06-23 tanyacorrected search window
2010-06-23 tanyafinished working on extended import
2010-06-23 Max Usachevstart working on extended import
2010-06-23 Max Usachevpylinting
2010-06-23 tanyachanged full search inclusive
2010-06-23 Max Usachevchanged program version test
2010-06-23 Max Usachevimplemented showing details dialog for field
2010-06-23 Max Usachevfixed busg with caller
2010-06-23 Max Usachevupdated localization
2010-06-23 Max Usachevupdated setup scripts
2010-06-23 Max Usachevmore work on redesigning
2010-06-22 tanyaimplemented full search
2010-06-22 tanyaimproved database search functions
2010-06-22 Max Usachevadded caller module
2010-06-22 Max Usachevfixed conflicts with master
2010-06-22 tanyastarted remake search
2010-06-22 Max Usachevstart working on redesigning configuration dialogs
2010-06-22 tanyachanged database functions
2010-06-22 Max Usachevimplemented phone calls
2010-06-22 Max Usachevupdated localization
2010-06-22 Max Usachevstart refactoring
2010-06-21 tanyafixed conflicts test1
2010-06-21 tanyastarted full search
2010-06-21 Max Usachevimplemented different UI for items
2010-06-21 Max Usachevchanged avatar renderer
2010-06-21 Max Usachevimplemented search by second name
2010-06-21 Max Usachevimproved search bar
2010-06-19 Max Usachevuse constants
2010-06-19 Max Usachevadded constants module
2010-06-19 Max Usachevupdated localization
2010-06-19 Max Usachevfinished work on contacts search
2010-06-18 Max Usachevstarting work on fast contacts search
2010-06-18 Max Usachevadded lost icons
2010-06-18 Max Usachevfixed bug with fields order
2010-06-18 Max Usachevupdated changelog
2010-06-18 Max Usachevremoved unused code
2010-06-18 Max Usachevupdated program version
2010-06-18 Max Usachevadded about information
2010-06-18 Max Usachevupdated setup script
2010-06-18 Max Usachevfixed UI bugs
2010-06-17 Max Usachevremoved unused fields while importing
2010-06-17 Max Usachevupdated i18n
2010-06-17 Max Usachevadded localization templates
2010-06-17 Max Usachevchanged gettext initialization
2010-06-17 Max Usachevfinished work with avatar
2010-06-17 Max Usachevimplemented getting avatar image from model
2010-06-17 Max Usachevfixed bug with update widgets
2010-06-17 Max Usachevmore UI work
2010-06-17 Max Usachevupdated setup script
2010-06-17 Max Usachevadded avatar in detailed item view
2010-06-17 Max Usachevadded fields filter for ldif parser
2010-06-17 Max Usachevadapted code for using renderers
2010-06-17 Max Usachevadd renderer instance
2010-06-16 Max Usachevmake parsers directory as importable
2010-06-16 Max Usachevadded icons to package
2010-06-16 Max Usachevcorrected OSSO context
2010-06-16 Max Usachevupdated postinst script
2010-06-16 Max Usachevadded setup scripts
2010-06-16 Max Usachevupdated start script
2010-06-16 Max Usachevadded version file
2010-06-15 Max Usachevadded fields configurator for entry window
2010-06-15 Max Usachevfixed bug with fields order
2010-06-15 Max Usachevredesigned Configuration dialogs
2010-06-15 Max Usachevadded config initialization after Import
2010-06-15 Max Usachevfixed UI bugs while do import
2010-06-15 Max Usachevfixed SCHEMA error
2010-06-15 Max Usachevremoved unused code
2010-06-15 Max Usachevimplemented Import dialog
2010-06-15 Max Usachevupdated BaseUI
2010-06-15 Max Usachevdatabase optimization
2010-06-14 Max Usachevupdated parser
2010-06-14 Max Usachevupdated database
2010-06-14 Max Usachevmore work on redesigning
2010-06-11 Max Usachevmodified database structure
2010-06-11 Max Usachevimplemented level switching
2010-06-11 Max Usachevadapted HildonUI for MVC pattern
2010-06-11 Max Usachevupdated Config
2010-06-11 Max Usachevredesigned using MVC pattern
2010-06-11 Max Usachevadded Meabook controller
2010-06-11 Max Usachevremoved unused files
2010-06-10 Max Usachevadded lost function
2010-06-10 Max Usachevmore improvements with SQLite
2010-06-09 Max Usachevimplemented fields selection