2011-11-05 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.6 for release master
2011-11-04 Danny CampbellChanged APP_VERSION
2011-11-04 Danny CampbellFixed problem with caching logic
2011-10-23 Danny CampbellRemoved legacy key support, added custom key support
2011-10-23 Danny CampbellUpdated eveapi module
2011-02-11 Danny Campbell(www) Fixed the way the news feed was being displayed
2011-01-31 Danny CampbellFix the 'new account' button I just broke...
2011-01-31 Danny CampbellAdded wait notification in Diablo GUI.
2011-01-31 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.5-1
2011-01-31 Ryan CampbellOnly remove contents of directory when clicking 'clear...
2011-01-29 Ryan Campbellfix diablo clear cache button
2011-01-29 Danny Campbell(www) Added Google Analytics JS code
2011-01-23 Ryan Campbellrefresh characters list after exiting settings
2011-01-23 Ryan Campbelladd (untested) 'clear cache'button to diablo settings
2011-01-23 Ryan Campbelladd a 'clear cache' button in the settings
2011-01-21 Danny CampbellEVE image server URL changed with new patch, updated...
2011-01-08 Danny Campbell(www) Added credit for the logo font.
2011-01-08 Danny Campbell(www) Added feature request link.
2011-01-07 Danny Campbell(www) Changed wording on download page.
2011-01-07 Danny CampbellFixed some file permissions.
2011-01-07 Danny CampbellAdded Garage www site.
2011-01-03 Ryan CampbellUnit tests can now be run with 'make test'
2011-01-03 Ryan CampbellReplace our gconf-based settings module with a file...
2011-01-02 Ryan Campbellabstract out settings module and minor fixes
2011-01-02 Danny CampbellJust removed the non-working progress bars for now.
2011-01-01 Ryan Campbelladd a README for the unittests
2011-01-01 Ryan Campbellstart writing some unit tests
2011-01-01 Ryan Campbellminor pylint cleanup
2010-12-30 Ryan CampbellFix tabbing in
2010-12-30 Ryan CampbellSignificantly increase performance
2010-10-17 Ryan CampbellRefactor Fremantule UI code and implement logging
2010-09-13 Ryan Campbellsplit ui classes into separate modules
2010-06-19 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.4-9 v0.4-9
2010-06-19 Ryan CampbellDon't automatically convert API key to uppercase
2010-05-30 Ryan CampbellBump version to 0.4-8 v0.4-8
2010-05-27 Ryan CampbellFix bug #5645, and other minor bug
2010-05-27 Ryan CampbellAllow error to be passed to UI
2010-05-24 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.4-7 v0.4-7
2010-05-24 Ryan CampbellConvert API key to uppercase on input
2010-05-23 Ryan CampbellAdded cancel button to Diablo 'new account' dialog
2010-05-23 Ryan Campbellremove debug statement v0.4-6
2010-05-23 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.4-6
2010-05-22 Ryan Campbelluse gobject methods instead of glib methods
2010-05-22 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.4-5 v0.4-5
2010-05-22 Ryan Campbellfix several bugs in diablo version. It is now usable
2010-05-22 Ryan Campbelladded some Depends and fixed XSBC-Bugtracker
2010-05-22 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.4-4 v0.4-4
2010-05-22 Ryan Campbellbetter fix for #5785
2010-05-22 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.4-3 v0.4-3
2010-05-22 Ryan CampbellFix bug #5785
2010-05-22 Ryan CampbellFormat numbers with commas
2010-05-21 Ryan Campbellget_istopmost() doesnt seem to work on the device v0.4-2
2010-05-21 Ryan Campbellbump to version 0.4-1 v0.4-1
2010-05-21 Ryan Campbelldisplay character window while loading it
2010-05-21 Ryan Campbellbrought diablo ui on par with fremantle ui (untested)
2010-05-21 Ryan Campbellfixed a bug in the refresh button
2010-05-21 Ryan Campbelladded some simple validation to 'add account' dialog
2010-05-20 Ryan CampbellStop the SP counter when window not on top
2010-05-18 Ryan CampbellAdded live 'total sp' counter in fremantle
2010-05-06 Ryan Campbellprint traceback even when handling exception
2010-05-06 Ryan CampbellHopefully fix bug #5672
2010-05-01 Ryan CampbellAdded characters to settings dialog
2010-04-30 Ryan CampbellAdded mevemon.postinst
2010-04-30 Ryan CampbellPorted multiple account code to Diablo v0.3-1
2010-04-30 Ryan Campbellclean up layout and add backwards compatibility
2010-04-30 Ryan Campbellimproving our pylint scores
2010-04-29 Ryan CampbellBumped version to 0.3
2010-04-29 Ryan Campbellremove 'edit' button in settings (for now)
2010-04-29 Ryan Campbellfinished preliminary support for multiple accounts
2010-04-29 Ryan Campbellcontinuing multiple account feature
2010-04-29 Ryan Campbellstarted work on multiple accounts support
2010-04-29 Ryan CampbellFixed a few bugs
2010-04-29 Ryan Campbellfixed character sheet formatting in diablo
2010-04-28 Ryan Campbelladded missing import to diablo ui
2010-04-28 Ryan Campbelladded missing python2.5-gnome for Diablo
2010-04-28 Ryan CampbellFixed a few bugs v0.2-4
2010-04-28 Ryan Campbellfixed a missing dependency for fremantle v0.2-1
2010-04-27 Ryan CampbellUpdated Diablo to use
2010-04-27 Ryan CampbellSeparated out the model code from the gui code
2010-04-27 Ryan Campbellstreamlined the build process
2010-04-26 Ryan Campbellfixed a typo in debian/control
2010-04-26 Ryan Campbelladded a description in debian/control
2010-04-25 Ryan CampbellCompile the .py files to .pyc
2010-04-25 Ryan Campbelladded a few more things to .gitignore
2010-04-25 Ryan CampbellAdded python2.5-gobject as a dependency, since that...
2010-04-25 Ryan Campbellfixed a few more bugs in the packaging
2010-04-25 Ryan CampbellCreated a quick (hacky) way to easily build packages...
2010-04-24 Ryan Campbellfixed a missing change in diablo
2010-04-24 Ryan CampbellRemoved Help button from settings dialog. We didnt...
2010-04-23 Ryan Campbellfixed a minor bug in the Makefile v0.1
2010-04-23 Ryan Campbellfixed the debian/control file
2010-04-23 Ryan CampbellFixed a few packaging issues
2010-04-23 Ryan CampbellStop using py2deb, it seems more flexible this way
2010-04-23 Ryan Campbelldon't hardcode the home dir in
2010-04-23 Ryan Campbellstarted packaging work
2010-04-22 Ryan CampbellFixed the date formatting for the skill in training
2010-04-22 Danny CampbellMerged Fremantle UI changes into Diablo.
2010-04-21 Ryan CampbellWe now show the skill that is being trained
2010-04-21 Ryan Campbellfixed bugs in refresh button
2010-04-21 Ryan Campbellgot the refresh button working in the character window