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last changeSat, 5 Nov 2011 06:33:22 +0000 (02:33 -0400)
2011-11-05 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.6 for release master
2011-11-04 Danny CampbellChanged APP_VERSION
2011-11-04 Danny CampbellFixed problem with caching logic
2011-10-23 Danny CampbellRemoved legacy key support, added custom key support
2011-10-23 Danny CampbellUpdated eveapi module
2011-02-11 Danny Campbell(www) Fixed the way the news feed was being displayed
2011-01-31 Danny CampbellFix the 'new account' button I just broke...
2011-01-31 Danny CampbellAdded wait notification in Diablo GUI.
2011-01-31 Ryan Campbellbump version to 0.5-1
2011-01-31 Ryan CampbellOnly remove contents of directory when clicking 'clear...
2011-01-29 Ryan Campbellfix diablo clear cache button
2011-01-29 Danny Campbell(www) Added Google Analytics JS code
2011-01-23 Ryan Campbellrefresh characters list after exiting settings
2011-01-23 Ryan Campbelladd (untested) 'clear cache'button to diablo settings
2011-01-23 Ryan Campbelladd a 'clear cache' button in the settings
2011-01-21 Danny CampbellEVE image server URL changed with new patch, updated...
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