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2009-10-27 Alsor ZhouComment fix master
2009-10-27 Alsor ZhouRemove the acclerator mask
2009-10-26 xddengadd new file settings
2009-10-26 xddengpush mim_eng
2009-10-26 Alsor ZhouSmall fix of unused variables, add todos
2009-10-26 Alsor ZhouRemove unnecessary functions in im-module
2009-10-26 Alsor ZhouSyntax indent fix
2009-10-26 Alsor ZhouRemove compose sequence from source, since MiM (Chinese...
2009-10-26 Alsor ZhouRemove pre-edit editing from source
2009-10-23 Alsor Zhouexplict specify to use automake-1.9 under sbox
2009-10-22 Alsor ZhouRemove the build essential version constraint
2009-10-22 Alsor ZhouRemove the autogenerated service file
2009-10-22 Alsor ZhouAdd eclipse project file, for ease use
2009-10-22 Alsor ZhouAdd mim dbus i/f service file
2009-10-22 Alsor ZhouAdd gtk immodule main file
2009-10-22 Alsor ZhouAdd im-extra support routines, port from gtk-im-extra...
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