2010-01-24 Micke Nordinupdating with fix for desktop/laptop use master
2010-01-21 Micke NordinDaemon compiles now
2010-01-20 Micke Nordinadding artwork
2010-01-20 Micke NordinStarting move to lib
2010-01-19 Micke NordinStarting to move stuff in to a lib
2010-01-16 Micke NordinFixing gui
2010-01-11 Micke NordinModified ui
2010-01-11 Micke Nordinadding communication skills to ui
2010-01-10 Micke Nordinfixing gui
2010-01-10 Micke Nordinadding ui
2010-01-10 Micke Nordinremoving object file
2010-01-10 Micke NordinFixing makefile
2010-01-10 Micke NordinImplemented most of the protocol
2010-01-10 Micke NordinAdding more comunication skills
2010-01-10 Micke NordinFirst sucessfull comunication
2010-01-10 Micke NordinFixing copyright info
2010-01-09 Micke Nordinfixing make file
2010-01-09 Micke Nordininitial commit
2010-01-09 www-datawelcome