Properly calculate the MyDocs folder paths.
[modest] / src / hildon2 / modest-maemo-utils.c
2009-01-13 Jose Dapena PazProperly calculate the MyDocs folder paths.
2008-12-12 Jose Dapena PazLayout improvements for wizards, dialogs and editor.
2008-12-02 Jose Dapena PazReplaced references to MyDocs with environment variable
2008-11-25 Jose Dapena PazSet finger height for labels on captioned
2008-11-25 Jose Dapena PazNew method modest_maemo_utils_create_caption_with_size_type
2008-10-30 Jose Dapena Paz* Removed the setting for putting all the hildon buttons as
2008-10-06 Jose Dapena Paz* Migrated to hildon 2 check buttons and thumbable...
2008-09-30 Jose Dapena Paz* Added hildon2 directory, with a copy of the contents...