Work to fix bug NB#81989:
[modest] / src / modest-ui-actions.h
2008-03-12 Jose Dapena PazWork to fix bug NB#81989:
2008-03-03 Sergio Villar Senin * Fixes NB#81525, added proper error messages when...
2008-02-29 Sergio Villar Senin * Deleted unused code
2008-02-14 Sergio Villar Senin * Replaced modest_msg_edit_window_reset_modifie...
2008-01-28 Sergio Villar Senin * Fixes NB#79905, show the proper message when the...
2008-01-23 Jose Dapena Paz* src/widgets/modest-msg-edit-window.h:
2008-01-14 Sergio Villar Senin * Modest no longer automatically reconnect when an...
2008-01-14 Alberto GarciaRefactored dimming rules calls
2008-01-14 Alberto GarciaRevert broken changesets 3992 and 4026
2008-01-12 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2008-01-08 Alberto GarciaRename ModestToolbarDimmingRules to ModestWindowDimming...
2007-11-13 Sergio Villar Senin * Migrated the Dnd of folders to use the new connect_a...
2007-11-06 Sergio Villar Senin * Added some missing parts of my original "remove...
2007-11-02 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* some further cleanups of the help system, added:
2007-10-25 Sergio Villar Senin * Removed a public method
2007-10-22 Alberto GarciaMore refactoring of the ComposeMail DBUS handler, now...
2007-10-22 Alberto GarciaRefactored the code of modest_ui_actions_on_new_msg...
2007-10-19 Sergio Villar Senin * Remove some invalid code from the D-Bus callb...
2007-10-09 Sergio Villar Senin * Replaced GtkWindow by ModestWindow in some places
2007-09-28 Sergio Villar Senin * Fixed NB#62792, the editor is closed if the...
2007-09-26 Sergio Villar Senin * Some aesthetic changes
2007-09-19 Sergio Villar Senin * Renamed one method in modest UI actions
2007-09-13 Sergio Villar Senin * Fixes NB#63001, now we get errors if the SMTP connec...
2007-09-11 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-dimming-rules-group.[ch]:
2007-08-28 Javier Fernandez... * Define a new mail-operation to remove several messages.
2007-08-23 Peter Csaszarfixes NB#62700, NB#62963
2007-08-15 Murray Cumming2007-08-15 Murray Cumming <>
2007-07-26 Murray Cumming2007-07-26 Murray Cumming <>
2007-07-12 Murray Cumming2007-07-12 Murray Cumming <>
2007-07-11 Murray Cumming2007-07-11 Murray Cumming <murrayc@murrayc-desktop>
2007-07-07 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* when pushing the delete toolbar button in the main...
2007-07-06 Javier Fernandez... * Uncomment flush call to tny_send_queue.
2007-07-04 Sergio Villar Senin * Added a method to unregister a header in the window...
2007-07-04 Jose Dapena PazAdded redo in editor (fixes NB#60257).
2007-06-30 Javier Fernandez... * Add a error_handler for send_receive operation.
2007-06-29 Murray Cumming2007-06-29 Murray Cumming <
2007-06-12 Javier Fernandez... * Fixed bug in empty_view of headers treeview when...
2007-06-07 Jose Dapena PazAdded support for opening the addressbook from the...
2007-06-07 Jose Dapena PazAdded implementation of "Find in page" in editor. This...
2007-06-05 Jose Dapena PazImplement "search messages" action (fixes NB#57209).
2007-06-02 Javier Fernandez... * Implement remain dimming rules (toolbar and context...
2007-05-31 Sergio Villar Senin * Fixes NB#57592
2007-05-29 Javier Fernandez... * Implementation of 'email menu' dimming rules of main...
2007-05-29 Sergio Villar Senin * Fixed NB#57522
2007-05-29 Javier Fernandez... * widgets/modest-window.c: Add a method to get action...
2007-05-22 Sergio Villar Senin * Fixes: NB#57465
2007-05-22 Murray Cumming2007-05-22 Murray Cumming <>
2007-05-17 Murray Cumming2007-05-17 Murray Cumming <>
2007-05-10 Javier Fernandez... * modest-mail-operation.c:
2007-05-09 Sergio Villar Senin * Removed maemo ui constants
2007-05-09 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-05-08 Sergio Villar Senin * Refactored s&r actions
2007-05-08 Murray Cumming2007-05-08 Murray Cumming <>
2007-05-02 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-04-30 Murray Cumming2007-04-30 Murray Cumming <>
2007-04-30 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-04-27 Sergio Villar Senin * Added "Move to" dialog
2007-04-23 Sergio Villar Senin * Added folder view CSM
2007-04-23 Javier Fernandez... * Add sort callback function to the UI action ViewSort
2007-04-20 Sergio Villar Senin * First implementation of Root folders view
2007-04-20 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-04-20 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-04-19 Sergio Villar Senin * Rewritten main window title handling
2007-04-19 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-address-book.h:
2007-04-13 Sergio Villar Senin * Added show toolbar application wide code
2007-04-12 Sergio Villar Senin * Added toggle actions for show toolbars
2007-04-12 Sergio Villar Senin * Added simple view mode for main window
2007-04-12 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-04-11 Sergio Villar Senin * Added code to handle fullscreen mode for the whole...
2007-04-11 Jose Dapena Paz* src/maemo/modest-msg-edit-window.c:
2007-04-03 Murray Cumming2007-04-03 Murray Cumming <>
2007-04-03 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-04-02 Sergio Villar Senin* Added Progress Object
2007-04-01 Jose Dapena Paz* src/maemo/modest-msg-edit-window.c: added support...
2007-03-05 Jose Dapena Paz* src/widgets/modest-recpt.view.[ch]:
2007-02-28 Jose Dapena Paz* Added src/widgets/modest-recpt-view.[ch].
2007-02-27 Sergio Villar SeninReplaced the first argument
2007-02-16 Sergio Villar Senin* Refactored d&d code
2007-02-16 Sergio Villar SeninImproved d&d support. Fixed several reference leaks
2007-02-11 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* all:
2007-02-09 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* all:
2007-02-09 Sergio Villar Senin* Added code to manage click on previous message
2007-02-08 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* modest-ui-actions:
2007-02-08 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* big cleanup:
2007-02-07 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* implement TODO item i001:
2007-01-31 Sergio Villar SeninModified the signature of the connection changed handler
2007-01-19 Sergio Villar Senin* Added some more UI actions implementations
2007-01-19 Sergio Villar Senin* Added ModestWindow object
2007-01-19 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* all:
2007-01-12 Sergio Villar Senin* Cleaned some header files, deleting unused includes