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[modest] / src / widgets / modest-recpt-editor.h
2009-09-30 Javier JardónUse GTK+ single includes
2009-04-24 Jose Dapena PazAdd methods get/set_show_abook in recpt editor
2009-03-17 Jose Dapena PazProper insertion of resolved addresses in recpt editor
2007-08-03 Jose Dapena PazImprovements in focus management of Check names operation
2007-05-02 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-04-30 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-04-19 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-address-book.h:
2007-04-13 Jose Dapena Paz* src/maemo/modest-msg-edit-window.c: