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[modest] / src / widgets / modest-ui-constants.h
2009-12-04 Sergio Villar SenínFixed several invalid #ifdef statements
2009-12-04 Jose Dapena PazSet a better secondary color in gtk
2009-11-25 Jose Dapena PazMore fixes for accounts window in gtk
2009-08-26 Jose Dapena PazAlso change bg color of attachments view.
2009-05-27 Jose Dapena PazChange spacing of custom setup complete labels.
2009-03-09 Jose Dapena PazSet modest standard margins in defines.
2009-02-17 Jose Dapena PazSet better the default max height for hildon2 dialogs
2009-02-17 Jose Dapena PazMax height of dialogs in hildon2 is 355px
2009-01-14 Jose Dapena PazNow folder paths are shown as a set of dots (fixes...
2008-12-29 Sergio Villar SeninGNOME version compiles again. It does not link yet...
2008-12-19 Jose Dapena PazThis is a manual merge of branch drop split view intro...
2008-10-30 Jose Dapena Paz* Removed the setting for putting all the hildon buttons as
2008-10-06 Jose Dapena Paz* Migrated to hildon 2 check buttons and thumbable...
2008-09-30 Jose Dapena Paz* Changes in the autotools stuff affecting a lot of...
2007-05-09 Sergio Villar Senin * Removed invalid const
2007-05-09 Sergio Villar Senin * Removed maemo ui constants