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[modest] / src / widgets / modest-window.c
2010-01-15 Sergio Villar SenínFixes Zoom keys behaviour in Modest
2009-12-14 Jose Dapena PazOnly handle zoom keys in message view window (fixes...
2009-12-03 Jose Dapena PazMake escape close current view in gtk
2009-12-03 Jose Dapena PazForward keyboard events to current window from shell
2009-11-25 Jose Dapena PazRemove src/widgets modest shell
2009-11-25 Jose Dapena PazRefactor part of ModestWindow and ModestHildon2Window
2009-11-03 Jose Dapena PazReplace usage of hildon check button in menu
2009-11-03 Jose Dapena PazMove dimming callback to ModestWindow
2009-11-03 Jose Dapena PazRefactor adding items to menu in hildon2. Now we have...
2009-11-03 Jose Dapena PazRefactor gtk_window_set_title for ModestWindow children...
2009-11-03 Jose Dapena PazRefactor hildon_window_add_toolbar to have implementati...
2009-10-29 Jose Dapena PazFirst step in refactoring ModestMsgViewWindow to be...
2009-07-14 Sergio Villar SeninReplaced modest_folder_window_finalize by dispose
2009-05-10 Ivan GomezFixed gnome compiling
2009-04-16 Jose Dapena PazMove grab zoom to ModestWindow, as we have to handle...
2009-04-16 Jose Dapena PazDon't handle zoom keys in ModestWindow, at least in...
2009-04-02 Jose Dapena PazAdd mailbox id storage in modest window.
2009-01-07 Jose Dapena PazMake ui dimming manager dispose stop delayed handlers...
2009-01-07 Jose Dapena PazDisable dimming manager on ModestWindow in dispose.
2008-10-24 Sergio Villar Senin * Fixes NB#90818, fixes a potential memory leak
2008-10-08 Jose Dapena PazAfter a deep refactoring, finally finished to split...
2008-09-30 Jose Dapena Paz* Changes in the autotools stuff affecting a lot of...
2008-09-22 Jose Dapena PazMerged the new plugin system from branch plugin-system.
2008-01-23 Jose Dapena Paz* src/widgets/modest-msg-edit-window.h:
2007-11-26 Jose Dapena PazThese changes are for reenabling build of gnome port.
2007-08-31 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* only allow real, non-pseudo accounts
2007-08-28 Javier Fernandez... * Define a new mail-operation to remove several messages.
2007-08-08 Javier Fernandez... * Implement optimizations on DimmingRules management.
2007-07-31 Philip Van Hoof2007-07-31 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-07-12 Murray CummingRemoved a debug printf.
2007-07-12 Murray Cumming2007-07-12 Murray Cumming <>
2007-07-11 Jose Dapena Paz* src/maemo/modest-msg-edit-window.c:
2007-07-02 Javier Fernandez... Fixed some bugs in Escape HW key managment.
2007-07-02 Javier Fernandez... * Fixes: NB#61649
2007-07-02 Jose Dapena Paz* src/widgets/modest-window.c:
2007-06-29 Javier Fernandez... * Use an user handler for 'key-press-event' signal on
2007-06-29 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* update the modest-window-manager; together with the...
2007-06-02 Javier Fernandez... * Implement remain dimming rules (toolbar and context...
2007-05-29 Javier Fernandez... * widgets/modest-window.c: Add a method to get action...
2007-05-09 Sergio Villar Senin * Removed maemo ui constants
2007-05-07 Murray Cumming2007-05-07 Murray Cumming <>
2007-04-15 Sergio Villar Senin2007-04-15 Sergio Villar Senin <>
2007-04-13 Sergio Villar Senin * Added show toolbar application wide code
2007-04-12 Jose Dapena Paz* src/modest-ui-actions.[ch]:
2007-04-11 Jose Dapena Paz* src/maemo/modest-msg-edit-window.c:
2007-04-06 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* restore gnome building (check for easysetup)
2007-02-09 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* all:
2007-01-28 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* all:
2007-01-19 Sergio Villar Senin* Added ModestWindow object